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Chapter Three - Discovery: Prison Inmates


The warden stared at Ace in exasperation as he was brought in. He knew what the man wanted. It seemed it was all he wanted there days. The idiot had really begun to irritate him these past few months with the same request and he didn’t have time or patience to indulge him. At times like this he regretted letting the bastard supply him.
The enormous man stood before him, his face a mask of controlled anger and nervous impatience. Funny how it elated Warden Cutler that this huge, frightening man was a fly to him. He loved the power he held in this place; he lived for it. This place, his work, was the best thing that ever happened to him. Thinking about it always made his day. It never got old. 
Ace did not dare sit in any of the plush chairs that lined the large office; all the drugs in the world wouldn’t allow him that favour, not in Warden Cutler’s world. He just stood there, legs wobbling in his need to move.
“What do you want Ace?” The swivel chair creaked a little, literally crying out under his three hundred pound weight, as the warden relaxed back into it.
“Warden,” he rasped, “its been ages since you said you were going to let me have a go at Jamie. I’ve waited –“
“I told you that because I was working on it. I still am. You need to have some patience. It’s not like you’re going anywhere.”
“But if you just let me do this my way, I would simply corner him and do my thing. You wouldn’t need to be involved at all, no connection. Wouldn’t that be better?”
They had gone over this about a million times. “Keep in mind that leaving him alone until I say so is in your best interest. I said…” the warden spoke slowly with emphasis, “…I will deal with it. I have my own plans for him as you well know and that actually has nothing to do with you. So you will leave him the hell alone until I am done with him. Is that understood?”
Ace growled, his tight fists showing how hard he was trying to control his anger. He was not used to discussing things; he simply took what he wanted. It angered him that he had to do what Warden Cutler said, but he knew the warden was dangerous. God knows the bastard should have been an inmate along with him, not the head of the prison for all the things he had seen him do. “But you know it’ll be much easier my way, Warden.”
The warden slammed his fist hard on his desk, smirking to himself as the huge man jumped visibly. “This is not a negotiation Grimes. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what I am capable of. Don’t you dare think for a minute that you are special because I let your filthy ass enter my presence.”
“Warden, I give you the best stuff because you agreed to let me do what I–”
“Hey, just stop right there! I don’t care what you supply me. You will not dictate what I do or don’t do. I’m god here. Understand? You’re not going to get anything out of me by pulling that. Just be glad I decided to include you,” the warden warned angrily. “I am almost done with my plans, final confirmation comes today and then we’ll be ready to go. You come in here and waste my time again and you’ll have no part in it. Remember that.”
Ace looked suspicious; the warden wasn’t really trustworthy. He knew this well from experience. But then again, that had not involved hurting someone. This might be different. If not he would be taking matters in his own hands. He had just about had enough of waiting, warden or not.
“And I’ll get Jamie?”
Warden Cutler stared at him for a while. He nodded. “All to yourself.”

* * * *

Jamie dreaded the general areas all the time: he gymnasium, the dining area, the field, the exercise yard, basically anywhere that Rhys would be as well. He continued to avoid Rhys, preferring not to speak to him at all over the next couple of weeks. He could not bring himself to deal with the whole situation so he just pushed it as far from his mind as he could. He could deal with this ache for now and he would for as long as he was able, maybe until he got out of here. He couldn’t deal with the reality of that ache. It was too much.
As the days went into weeks and kept going, Rhys slowly got sick of his behaviour and decided to confront Jamie in the laundry room where he knew he worked most of the time. He was there all right, working on his own in the large warm room. He was standing by the large rumbling washing machines and dryers, taking out dry towels from one of them and folding them painstakingly to put away for use through the next week.
Rhys could not help looking him over in admiration and recalling every inch of that beautiful, tiny body. He wanted to grab him and hold him forever. Jamie turned and jumped in surprise when he saw Rhys standing there and staring at him as if in a trance. He hadn’t heard him enter since the machines were booming around him. Jamie went red as he saw who it was and the longing in his green eyes. It frightened the hell out of him, especially as his heart seemed to flutter.
“We need to talk, Tiny. About us…”
It felt like forever since he had heard that voice. God, it seemed to send fire roaring through his veins. However, he very rudely told Rhys he most certainly didn’t want to talk to him. Not to be deterred this time, Rhys followed him as he walked round picking up and putting away towels and bedding and checking the washing machines.
“Why can’t we just talk… nothing has to happen. We can just be friends Jamie.”
“But we are friends… aren’t we?” A washing machine door was shut. Well, slammed.
“Careful…”Rhys muttered, continuing, “You know we aren’t, Tiny. You leave a room every time I come in. You don’t even bother to say hello to me. You keep pushing me away.”
“I’m not pushing you away Rhys, it’s just… I’m not gay.” Rhys winced at this. Jamie didn’t notice for his back was to him. “It’s hard to deal with… this is not my life! I am not gay.”
“Are you telling me that or are you telling yourself? Are you trying to convince yourself by any chance? Hoping against hope maybe?”
“I am not gay Rhys!”
“The question is not whether you are gay… It is whether you want me or–“
“I am not gay.”
“So you wish that night had never happened?”
“Yes I do!” Jamie groaned. “I wish I never got that stupid PR job. I wish I had taken the second job offer I had. I wish I had never set foot in this shit hole. I wish so many things that I’ve lost count!”
“Come on, you’re not done yet… finish it.”
“What do you mean?”
“You wish you had never met me.”
“I didn’t say that.”
“You as good as said it out loud Tiny. You probably wish it had been Ace instead.”
“I didn’t say that Rhys. How can you say that to me?” Jamie bristled, “Ace, of all people. Are you kidding me right now?”
“With Ace you wouldn’t be worried about him being all over you all the time and making a fool of himself as I’m doing right now. Checking up on you, thinking about you…”
The small man winced at those words. He didn’t think Rhys was making a fool of himself at all. But he dared not tell him that deep inside he thought pouring his heart out like this was sweet. Rhys already had too much power over him. He couldn’t give him more.
“You wouldn’t be attracted to him the way you are to me. You wouldn’t be worried about what happened between us that night. You wouldn’t be wondering if it was more than sex.”
“You said it was just sex Rhys. That’s what you told me that night! You kept saying that!”
“You think I don’t know that? You think I haven’t asked myself that a million times?” Rhys was feeling so overwhelmed. Jamie was blaming him for not keeping his word that it was just sex, something to be forgotten. He blamed himself. He had thought it would be forgettable. He was so damned wrong.
“I’m afraid I can’t say that anymore. Not if I’m facing reality. That night was nothing I ever imagined possible. Not in my entire life. I’m still reeling from it Jamie. I need to know. So was it?”
“Was it what?” Jamie was in a bit of a daze with all the emotions bubbling around them.
“Was it just sex for you?”
“I’m not gay Rhys,” he said again, his voice without any conviction. 
“Has it occurred to you that our paths could still have crossed with or without that night?” Rhys asked seriously, remembering how he had noticed and thought about Jamie’s beautiful eyes. “We could still have started –”
“We wouldn’t have started anything! Stop saying all these things to me. I am not gay.”
“Oh really. You’re not gay and we are friends right? So why can’t you look me in the eye, Jamie. Why can’t you look at me?”
“What do you mean? Of course I can look you in the eye!” he whirled round for emphasis, but Rhys noted he still avoided his gaze. “And stop calling me Tiny.”
“I call you Tiny because you’re cute. And beautiful. And you fit perfectly in my arms.” Jamie blushed, trying to fight the delicious glow that sizzled round his body at Rhys’ words. He forced himself to take some steps back because he suspected that if he stayed as he was he would step towards this magnetic man. Whose arms he remembered he did fit perfectly into.
Damn Rhys for making him feel like this.
“I am not cute… or whatever else you said.” Jamie forced his back to Rhys, eyes closing tightly as he fought to compose himself.
“Don’t try to change the subject Tiny.”
“I am not!”
“Then do it; look me in the face. You haven’t been able to do that since that night we made love. So Mister I’m not gay, it’s Rhys that’s gay, look at me then.”
Jamie whirled around again but then fidgeted, his courage deflating rapidly, knowing he could not look at Rhys. He would be lost if he tried that, if Rhys saw how he felt… No way was he taking that chance.
“You can’t, can you? What’s your excuse this time?” Rhys was getting angry with Jamie now. He had been in denial himself but at least he identified what he was feeling; he wasn’t denying that it was there in the first place. This was crazy.
“Jamie, you can’t keep denying this. It happened. We made love and we both loved it. I loved it and you loved it…”
Jamie shook his head violently. “Rhys, I’ve told you before, I really don’t want to talk about that night… or any of this,” his voice was a squeak as he forced that haunting memory away.
“What about the next day at the carpentry shed? Want to talk about that?”
“So you don’t want to talk about any of the times we’ve been together? Why not Jamie?” Rhys asked in exasperation. His eyes were forlorn. “Because we went further than we needed to? Do you realise that night we made love three times in that cell? Or was it four? Hell, I lost count. We probably would have kept on if the night were any longer. Three times Jamie… and you don’t think that’s something worth acknowledging at least? You can’t keep pushing me away like this Jamie. We’re drawn to each other. It’s so much more than –”
“I can’t talk about this…I’m sorry, I just can’t. Please just go. I’ve got work to finish here.” Jamie went back to his work and with shaky hands began to fold the towels on the large oak table.
“So you don’t want talk to me at all then? Is that it?”
“I didn’t say that Rhys.”
“Then what are you saying? You turn your back on me, you won’t speak to me, you ignore me when I try to say hello or approach you. So what exactly are you saying?”
Jamie found he had no excuse, except wanting to stay as far away from this man as he could so he could flush this madness out of his system. He did not even know how to put that into words, even his own mind was raging against itself.
“I… I don’t know okay. I just need…” Shaky fingers ran through his hair was as he struggled to finish his sentence.
“Need what?” Came the soft question.
Rhys’ voice like that was so… intoxicating to hear.
There was silence for a while, and finally Jamie closed his eyes and turned away. He willed Rhys to leave him in peace so his heart would stop pounding so fast. But he could feel Rhys’ eyes boring into his back. He ached so much but was confused as to what he was aching for… or why. Or maybe he just couldn’t face it.
Rhys moved all right, but not out of the room. He came up behind Jamie and bent over his small frame, wrapping his arms round his middle. “Tell me you don’t feel this…” he whispered, hands splayed over the small taut belly, causing it to do somersaults.
Jamie stiffened, his cry of no turning into a gasp as Rhys’ breath grazed his neck. He fought the urge to lean back into Rhys’ broad chest, not realising that he had already done this. Their bodies fit together smoothly, big over small, as if in memory of their past union.
“You smell so good Tiny,” Rhys whispered as he sucked in his breath through his teeth. “I want you so bad.”
“… Rhy… stop… please,” Jamie pleaded, his hands trying to peel Rhys’ off. He was unable to and his hands ended up grasping desperately at Rhys’ hips in an effort to push him back but unknowingly teasing him. Rhys took Jamie’s hands and intertwined their fingers, bringing them back up onto Jamie’s belly. Jamie arched back involuntarily against Rhys’, groaning as he felt the heated length of that hardness high up at the small of his back.
“I love the way you say my name…” Rhys spoke softly. “You do realise you only call me Rhy when I’m making love to you…”
Jamie whimpered in denial but still could not pull away, his senses spinning steadily. Rhys nipped at the back of his neck and Jamie’s gasp was loud and unrestrained as a shudder spread over his body. A deep growl came from Rhys and he bent over fully, bending Jamie over with him so he felt the full, hard effect of his need. His hands raked over Jamie’s belly and across over his chest long fingers digging into the flesh as they went.
Jamie’s knees gave way, his small legs buckling. Thankfully he did not fall for Rhys had him firmly in his grip. All he could feel was Rhys’ hot erection pushing against his bottom now. Jamie found himself wanting so badly to melt into Rhys, wanting that heat so badly inside his body. Trying to think but unable to do much of that… all he could manage was one word… Rhy. He was saying it out loud.
“Rhy… Rhy…”
He cried out when Rhys’ large hand grazed his groin, waiting for him to take him in his hand and whimpering in protest when he did not. Jamie pushed forward blindly, trying to find that hand. He ached so much for him, all of him. But it was gone.
Suddenly he was swept around and hoisted onto the worktable. They were easily face-to-face now, gasping mouths almost touching. Rhys looked like he wanted to tear him apart and Jamie knew his own eyes would not say much less. Rhys’ hands dug painfully into his arms, and Jamie held his breath, savouring even that.
“God, I want to eat you alive,” he growled, pressing his mouth against Jamie’s but not kissing him. Then his face clammed up and he froze in painful restraint, dropping his hands.
“I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want to do,” Rhys spoke grimly in between heaving pants. “When you’re ready to have me, you know where to find me. But I’m not going to wait forever Jamie.”
He went to pull away but stopped in shock as Jamie’s hand reached into his waistband and grasped his cock firmly. He gasped when the small hand began to stroke him, the second one joining in and squeezing as he tried to pull away again.
“Jamie…” he warned with a grunt as his restraint dissolved rapidly with each stroke. He stared at Jamie, eyes asking. The smaller man did not say a word; he finally met and held Rhys’ gaze for the very first time, breathing heavily as he teased the bigger man with his hands.
They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Jamie’s hand did not waver in its movements but his expression was intense yet unreadable.
Rhys tentatively pressed the flat of his hand against Jamie’s erection through his trousers and the smaller man choked and squirmed. Further encouraged, and leaving himself no room to change his mind because he wanted this so much, he reached into Jamie’s own trousers and pulled out the pulsing slimness.
Jamie was no match for him and in no time the smaller man had lost the little control he had been enjoying. His hold on Rhys’ cock faltered as his hands and body began to shake. His head flung back as the pleasure overtook him and he had to completely let go of Rhys to hold himself up. Or try to at least.
He didn’t even realise when he was pushed back on the table and his trousers dragged off completely, though he subconsciously lifted his hips to ease their way. Rhys teased him torturously, his fingers flicking with just the right amount of lightness and pressure and making Jamie’s cock ache and throb for more. His small legs lifted of their own accord and opened up for Rhys as his feet rested wide on the edges of the table.
Rhys’ huge cock twitched at the sight of that pink opening and Rhys gulped. Hunched over Jamie, he began to slide his hand up and down the hardened flesh faster. Jamie’s shudders increased in line with the strokes and he started to tense and whimper.
Short spurts of warm liquid escaped from his cock as his back arched in ecstasy, filling and trickling over Rhys’ hands. Rhys winced longingly as he watched, with the dusky opening fluttering along as the slim cock pulsed in release right before his eyes. The small man’s back kept arching off the table in jerks and he clawed at Rhys’ chest above him.
He met Rhys’ gaze and held, pulling on the big man’s jumper, wanting him inside him so bad he was going to scream if Rhys didn’t get the message. Rhys let himself be pulled and his cock slid against that tight opening. They both gasped and Rhys immediately covered himself with Jamie’s release, a very difficult feat for Jamie was pulling at him with all his might.
Jamie’s neck bulged as Rhys’ pushed in at last, their eyes still holding like they were in some kind of trance. He hadn’t allowed Rhys to prepare him so it hurt a bit but Jamie didn’t care, his need overcame the pain by a mile and vaporised in quick time.
Inch by inch Rhys slid into that sleek heat and Jamie’s eyes began to roll and flutter in the overwhelming sensation. By the time Rhys was halfway in the small man was losing it. His hands were shaking so bad that when Rhys’ braced himself against the table and pushed further, Jamie’s back bowed off the table and they lost their hold, flaying wildly as the huge man finally bottomed out in him. Every single fucking inch of Rhys was in him again.
Oh God, it felt so wondrous.
“Oh sweet Jesus. Fuck… fuck.”
Jamie’s cock had come back to life now and Rhys held still, deeply embedded and oh so close to coming at that very moment. He had wanted this so bad; he felt like he was going to cry from the unparalleled pleasure and relief of being so deep inside this beautiful little man he wanted so much. He had so missed this.
“Jamie… oh god… oh yeah.”
Jamie’s shaking legs wrapped round his waist to pull him in and thankfully he was ready now. Rhys hiked the legs higher, grabbed Jamie’s back and lifted him. He moved so fast that the small man was in a daze by the time his back was slammed into the wall and his jumper dragged off. He felt Rhys’ bare chest brushing against his and knew he had taken his jumper off too, somehow. The skin contact felt fantastic. It felt like home.
They kissed hungrily as Rhys’ thrust up and down, slow and deep, tongues rediscovering each other’s mouths. It had been too long and they both felt the ache and were trying to make up for it, to get enough. But Jamie wanted more.
“Faster,” he gasped into Rhys’ mouth.
“Faster huh?” Rhys murmured, not moving an inch faster. Instead he slowed down a bit, making Jamie whine in frustration. “Thought you didn’t want me…”
“Fuck you…” he gasped, hitting weakly at the big chest before his mouth was taken again.
“I am fucking you Tiny,” Rhys growled, slamming all of him in hard and then dragging out slowly. Jamie cried out and keened, his pleasure heightening. “And you take what you fucking get.”
“Fuck me… please,” Weakly hitting his forehead on Rhys’ and back against the wall, he felt his body start to tense and shudder intermittently like he was going to come but it confused him. Pleasure sizzled crazily through his body; it reached his toes, spread through his hands into his fingers, danced from his head to his shoulders, and down his back. Rhy was going so fucking slow and pressing in so deep, making him feel like he was coming yet he wasn’t.
But Rhys kept it slow, loving how it felt to bottom out, the depth, the way Jamie mewled in ecstasy when he did it, the way his ridged channel gasped maddeningly around him and sucked him in, the pleading whimpers he got when he slowly dragged out.
“Rhy…” Jamie whispered in panic at his body’s crazy reaction. “Rhy…”
Rhys bent closer and nuzzled his face, gasping at the pleasurable effort of it.
“Going crazy… burning up… wontstop… Rhy itwontstop…” Jamie managed weakly and not very coherently, that fact alone sending a series of intense shivers down his lover’s back.
“Just hold me sweetheart,” came the hoarse reply followed by a soft kiss on that whimpering mouth.”… as tight as you can. Don’t let go…”
With a woozy nod, Jamie started to reply but was cut short by the electricity that danced through his system. Jamie’s mouth opened wide as his mind exploded into stars with bliss and he was unable to close it, short choking cries escaping him as he really, finally began to orgasm. Rhys bottomed out hard as he felt the first spurt on his chin, grinding into the small, wailing, shuddering man and revelling in the cries of release.
Small hands clutched at him, mouth still wide open, eyes glazed and rolling, disappearing into the back of his head as Rhys began to thrust again. Faster this time.
Oh the torture of it, the heaven.
Jamie was sobbing now, utterly possessed by Rhys. He could not stop orgasming. His cock was rock hard and jerking between their sweaty bodies; he was on fire, getting what he wanted and still going crazy with it. He was undulating against Rhys, meeting the deep thrusts that slammed into his sweet spot, biting wildly on Rhys’ lips, his neck, fingers digging into flesh then sliding up into dark hair and holding on tight with arms resting on broad shoulders.
As if all this was not enough, Rhys hiked his small thighs higher up so his feet were practically on top of Rhys’ taut bum. Then he bottomed out again, hard and then stopped.
“Nnggggghh,” Jamie screamed raggedly and digging the soles of his feet into that taut bum, pushed himself up as far as he could go. A bit of Rhys slid out and the big man roared and slammed it all back in.
Oh God.
Oh my fuckinggod.
He was crushed into the wall now; his mouth covered ravenously as large arms held him firmly in place to stop all unpermitted movement.
Then the pounding began.
Muffled ecstatic screams filled the room, fuelling the pounding even more and the small man began to come again without realising it, he was so lost.
The delicious heat of Jamie’s orgasm swallowed Rhys like a clamping vice. His cries drowned out Jamie’s and soon his legs began to buckle. Jamie’s channel was milking him, making his thrusts wild and erratic, bottoming out so hard it was almost like he was climbing up the wall. As Jamie milked his come out of him, his legs buckled completely and gave way, dragging them both down to the floor. Rhys fell to his knees, pumping weakly until the small legs that were wrapped around him crisscrossed and pulled him down hard and deep and still.
They kept kissing for long afterwards, bruising their lips in their need, both unable to stop the severe aftershocks that tore through their bodies simultaneously. They lay there, slowly calming down, intertwined, still deeply joined as one, still kissing.
Until the bell sounded.

* * * *

“Hey Jamie,” Roger muttered as he stepped through the bars. Jamie was sitting up on Roger’s bunk, arms wrapped round his legs, looking worse for wear. He was thinking again as usual. This time Roger had a good idea what it was about. Probably what it had been about for a long time now anyway.
“Hey Roger.”
“Still fighting huh…?”
“With Rhys… saw you guys earlier today.” He chuckled at Jamie’s gobsmacked expression, deciding to explain exactly what he had seen. “I passed by when he was asking you to look at him, and decided to give you guys’ space to work it out. Quite steamy you two…”
Jamie went crimson. However, inside he relaxed with relief. He would have died if Roger had seen what happened afterwards. “I’m not fighting with him.”
Roger heaved himself up onto the bunk, settling in across from the small man. He looked straight at his cellmate.
“Yeah, right. We both know that’s not true Jamie. I know you’ve been avoiding him like the plague. I’m sure the whole prison can see that. So spill it.”
“I just don’t know how to deal with all that’s happening…”
“Well, you can stop fighting him for one thing.”
“How else would I keep him away from me? He won’t stay away. Even with that he’s starting to come to where I work… it’s driving me crazy.”
“Then stop fighting him…”
“But I’m not gay…”
Why is that name such a big deal to you?” Roger groaned in exasperation. They had gone over this ‘gay’ issue so many times already but it still plagued Jamie. Being gay doesn’t necessarily mean you are attracted to men in general, it could mean you’re attracted to Rhys alone. Just like we can all see he is to you. I mean before you turned up, he was straighter than an arrow and now he can’t seem to stay away from you. I think you both affect each other the same way, that’s all.”
Jamie shook his head shamefully; “You don’t even know the half of it.” He tried to laugh but had to stop as he almost burst into tears.
“What do you mean?”
“Remember when I was put in solitary…?”
Now Roger was surprised. Jamie had never spoken about that night, not once. The most he had done was dance around the issue of them having to have sex but he had never gone into details. Roger had been gagging for more information but when he realised the turmoil his friend was in over it he had not pushed further.
He hid his surprise now though, if the small man was ready to really talk about it, he was not going to get unnecessarily excited and make him enter into himself again. So he acted as nonchalant as possible.
“Yeah, of course, you and Rhys had to do it for the sick warden to watch… that’s what started all this isn’t it?”
“Yeah… but we did more.” Jamie choked on the words. He felt like his face was going to burst into flames in a second.
Roger frowned, sitting up straight with interest. He had been the first friend Jamie had made when he came into the prison when they were put in the same cell. He was one of the few inmates that were not threatening to the small man. Roger was in prison for possession with intent and seemed to be carrying on his trade right there with the guards and prisoners. Unlike most drug dealers he was very friendly and never had a bad word to say about anyone. It could be because he kept his supply small.
He was a slim man, at five feet eleven inches he was still much taller than Jamie though, but then again as small as Jamie was most people were. It fascinated him that Jamie could take that giant of a man Rhys; if he was as big down there as he was tall, that would be no mean feat. And Jamie did not look like he even had a problem with that, which was all the more intriguing. Fascinating stuff this. And it seemed like there was more.
“More how?” No answer. Roger waited, wondering then his eyes widened, “Jamie… what are you saying…”
“We did it the first time… and… and then when it was lights out… we… we did it again.”
“Wow…wow…what?” was all a speechless Roger could manage.
Jamie buried his red face in his thighs as he spoke. “Three more times… or four, I’m not sure.”
Roger stared at the small form in shock and disbelief, realising even more now how much of a connection Jamie must have with Rhys. Things were getting more intriguing by the second.
“Wait a minute, before we get ahead of ourselves let me be sure I get what you’re saying. When we say sex we’re talking about anal sex right?”
A hesitant nod. “Not blow jobs or hand jobs anything like that?”
Jamie looked at his friend woefully. Roger’s eyes twinkled in amused delight. “So blowjobs and hand jobs as well as five times full anal sex?”
Another nod from a burning face.
“You’re saying you and Rhys made love five times in one night as well as loads of everything else?”
Jamie looked away, feeling thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed. “That’s bad, isn’t it?”
“Who said anything about bad? I would say it sounds fantastic but before I get ahead of myself… the five times you made love, did it feel good?”
Jamie closed his eyes at the glorious memories that immediately flooded through him. He didn’t need to even bother to answer; Roger could see the wonder in his face. “It was so… it was… indescribable. I’ve never felt like that before, it was unreal Roger. It couldn’t be real. I mean I’ve had women and it’s been good most of the time, but this… this was just crazy and out… of… this… world. I didn’t think I could come so many times in one night. It was like I was a woman having multiple orgasms…”
Roger smiled even wider, watching Jamie’s rapt face. “Wowwww, okay slow down a bit. He sounds fantastic. Can I have a go at him?”
He laughed out loud at the subconscious jealous glare he got from the small man. He wouldn’t have expected anything less. Jamie had it so bad. He just didn’t know it yet. Oh, his small friend was taking the giant all right and loving it too, it seemed.
“So what you’re saying is you guys made love all through the night when you didn’t have to and you loved every minute of it. Right?”
A reluctant nod.
“So what’s the problem then? It looks to me like you guys really are hot for each other. If I were you and I got it that good I’d have been fucking him every chance I could get his dick out! What’s wrong with you?”
“I’m not gay Roger…”
“What is up with you and that title Jamie. Okay, okay, let’s say we forget the name for now. Are you attracted to men in general?”
A furious shake of the head.
“It’s not that bad; I’m gay and proud, you know that. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. But I’m different; I’m attracted to guys alone, not women. If you’re not at all like that then it’s most likely that you are only attracted to Rhys himself, not that you like men in the sense of it. So maybe you’re Bi?”
A frown of confusion flashed over Jamie’s face.
“As in bi-sexual.”
Jamie said nothing but looked thoughtful. His frown returned after a second and buried his face in his thighs. Roger heaved a sigh.
“It’s just so… I don’t know. I felt so overwhelmed by everything, like I was a virgin. And its not like I hadn’t had sex before.”
“Well technically you were, manwise. You hadn’t had anal sex before had you?”
“No, never.”
“There you go, so basically he took your virginity. You were a virgin in the anal sense. Rhys has probably –”
To his amusement, Jamie did not even let him finish his statement. “Not with a man he hasn’t!” Jamie said vehemently.
Was he being defensive for Rhys’ sake? Why?
Roger chuckled, “Yeah, but still that means he knew what to do and you didn’t. And he is probably really quite good at it from what you’ve said so far.”
Jamie blushed, trying to glare at him and failing. He hid his burning face in his thighs again as his thoughts ran wild. He was not going to get hard at the thought of Rhys making love to him in the laundry room. He was not.
“Now here’s the big question,” Jamie looked up. “Do you want Rhys or not?”
Jamie winced at the question and ran a hand through his hair. It was the same question Rhys had asked him earlier and he had not answered him. He started to shake his head but then slowly stopped, remembering again what had just happened in the laundry room. And in carpentry. Oh God. He didn’t have the answer to that. “I don’t know…”
He stopped and took a deep breath. “I’m scared… I don’t know how to deal with all these new feelings… I feel like I’m losing myself, my masculinity. The things I think about, it’s like I’m becoming a woman or something. I can’t deal with this.”
“You’re not becoming a woman Jamie. Do I look like a woman to you? Do I act like a woman?”
“Okay. Now, I am gay as we all know and I hate to top. By that I mean I hate being completely in control of the lovemaking, you know, penetration and all that... I have never liked it and I know I never will. So I am a certified bottom and I love it. Now that I’ve explained that, let me ask you another question… Have you considered doing to Rhys what he did to you?”
Jamie looked at his friend, aghast, “You mean anal…? God, no! ... I don’t think so… I...” “Exactly…” he laughed at Jamie’s reaction. “See what I mean? It’s just the dynamics of relationships. Some people come together and both are aggressive and want control so they mix it up. But there are others like me and y–” He stopped the train of his sentence at Jamie’s look.
“Okay… like me who are only happy to be taken care of and there are those who are only happy if they are in charge at all times. People are not all the same, so you should not believe stereotypes. You’re not an aggressive or controlling person Jamie, so it’s only normal.”
“I see what you mean. So…”
“So the fact that you prefer him being in charge or in control is not a bad thing… at all. In fact it’s more fun isn’t it? Well for me anyway… to just relax and enjoy the attention, you know.”
“But it’s not just him being in charge Roger, it’s like… it’s like he takes over my mind. God! It’s like he can do whatever he wants with me and I won’t be able to stop him. He’s taking over my mind and my body, everything…” Jamie shuddered and hid his face again. He was crying now, overwhelmed with facing his feelings so clearly.
Roger rubbed his back quietly and let him cry. “Have you ever been in love before? I mean with a woman…?”
Jamie shook his head. His friend hesitated and then decided to say it since they were talking and all. “I think you might be falling in love with him. That might be why you’re so overwhelmed by him.”
Jamie stared at him, a vicious look on his tear ridden face “I am not in love with Rhys!”
He moved away from Roger and climbed off the bed, quietly climbing into his lower bunk. He was still crying under his blanket.
Roger sighed sadly knowing those words were to convince himself. His friend was falling in love, hard and fast. Hell, he was probably already in love. Yeah, that sounded just about right.
Jamie needed to get his mind round whatever this was between him and Rhys before getting in deeper that was for sure.

* * * *

Two weeks later
It was movie night and the hall was packed full. Usually it was once a week, at least. For some reason the warden kept cancelling it so this was the first movie shown in about two months. Everyone had been on their best behaviour all week once they heard they were going to have a movie night at last. Getting into the cinema hall was only permitted to inmates on a certain grade classed by behaviour during the week.
The cinema was an enormous, but basic, auditorium with numerous rows of seats surrounding a massive projector. The seats were metal and had no cushioning unlike what you would expect in a regular cinema on the outside. It was not air conditioned, but was kept well ventilated, and since it was not used too regularly was in pretty good condition.
From the looks of things almost everyone had been good; it was like the whole prison was in there. Then again it was not surprising the turn out was so good. This was their chance to pretend that they were not in prison but on a night out watching a movie with friends. The d├ęcor did not matter to them; they were all in high spirits.
Well, they could dream couldn’t they?
Rhys stayed back subtly until everyone was seated and then watched for Jamie. He called out the guy about to settle in right behind Jamie and they spoke quietly in a corner. After a few nods and a hearty handshake, Johnny went off to find a seat elsewhere. Rhys, thanks to his money, he made his way to that perfect spot. Perfect to him anyway, directly behind the object of his desire.
Rhys had the shock of his life when the movie began to play. He stiffened in his seat as a hush fell through the crowd. Now he could see why there was movie night all of a sudden, the warden was at it again. It was one of his movies they were playing. Fucking bastard. This was the last thing he needed. Now there was going to be even more attention on him. This was why he hated acting, why he had stopped. The attention was horrendous.
He was even more upset because he had not yet told Jamie about his acting career. Seeing him in a movie would be a shock. Damn! Damn! Damn!
Watching Jamie’s back, Rhys knew he was affected because he went all-stiff even as his friends began to tease Jamie and make excited comments about Rhys being in the movie. Jamie said nothing at all, just kept staring at the screen in what might have been shock. Rhys would have given anything to see Jamie’s expression at that moment.
That was all he was interested in. Not the pats on his back, or the numerous murmurs of respect that were filtering his way. Just Jamie.
The movie was a very entertaining one and after the initial chatter at the discovery that one of them was in it, they all quietened down to enjoy it.
Jamie had had no idea Rhys was an actor; no wonder the warden and guards kept calling him high and mighty. Rhys was an actor. And probably famous too. Jesus. Like he did not have enough problems dealing with what was going on between them, now he had to add him being a rich and famous fucking actor to it all. It was like another burden had been added onto his back. It was difficult to watch.
Then the lovemaking scenes came.
Jamie was frozen as he stared at the screen, hating himself for the jealousy he felt at Rhys’ partner. The damned scenes were just too graphic for him. Despite the fact that he was with a woman, Jamie kept wishing that he were the recipient of that loving. He could not help himself as he watched; his cock was getting impossibly hard. Why did the scenes feel so intoxicating for him, as it seemed to for the screaming woman?
He was sweating and beginning to squirm in his seat. He knew he needed to get out of there before he embarrassed himself in front of his friends. That would be the worst humiliation. He hoped he could at least walk out of there. Taking a deep breath, Jamie stood up and made his way out slowly; thanking God that he had oversized jumpers so he was able to keep his erection well hidden without too much difficulty.
Rhys waited a few seconds and then quietly went after him.
No one seemed to notice.
He caught up with Jamie as he reached the bathroom door, which had a guard in front of it. Jamie didn’t see him though and went in after speaking to the guard. Rhys followed suit, once again making Jamie jump in surprise for he was just bracing himself to start beating off.
Beautiful silver eyes stared at him in glazed disbelief as he pulled his hand out of his waistband as subtly as he could manage. “Stay away from me!”
“I’m sorry I didn’t mention I was an actor.”
“Who says I give a shit what you are! Go away.”
“I know I should have said something. We’ve just not had –”
“What’s wrong with you? I said don’t care!”
“Stop Jamie…” Rhys said softly. He stepped forward so slowly Jamie almost didn’t notice. Almost.
“Stay away from me Rhys,” Jamie gasped as his heart skipped a beat. He forced his body backwards and hit his head painfully against the edge of the toilet stall.
“Careful there.”
“Don’t you dare laugh!” Silver eyes blazed angrily at Rhys as he warned.
He was so magnificent in his anger.
“I’m not laughing Jamie. You need to look where you’re going, maybe consider walking forwards instead of backward…”
“Forward into your arms right? No fucking way. Just leave Rhys.”
His outburst was simply ignored; Rhys did not move an inch. “I really just wanted to apologise Tiny, come on. Take it easy, okay. We both know being in my arms is not so bad. You know that.”
“Fuck you!”
“I so want to do that. And much more. If you let me…”
Jamie went stiff at Rhys’ response.  An involuntary shudder had seized him and he was fighting to hide his reaction from the hunk before him. It didn’t work; he could literally feel his cock twitching as it hardened further, no longer possible to hide. Oh God, this was so not happening.
“You want me…”
“No I don’t!”
“Really… then why are you so hard?” Rhys whispered with a somewhat sad smile, looking so calm and serene when he was raging like a freight train inside. His eyes trailed down to Jamie’s hips as he spoke.
A flush spread down Jamie’s neck as he watched Rhys gulp at the sight of his full-blown erection. He didn’t try to deny it, for his hardon would not budge despite his anger. What would be the point? The tenting of loose fabric of his track downs left nothing to the imagination. “That’s none of your business.” He managed as he began to fidget.
“So you’re not hard for me then? What if I said I didn’t believe you?”
“Fuck you!” Jamie spat in anger, more at himself because he felt his cock strain at Rhys’ words. His voice was so annoyingly intoxicating. Rhys smiled even more maddeningly. Jamie wanted to hit him. To wipe that stupid smile off his handsome face.
“You already did, remember? Laundry room… against the wall… towels.” A chuckle. “Or are you – ”
Small hands, raining blows on Rhys’ chest, stopped him short. All in pent up frustration and anger and confusion and longing and hunger and… everything.
It was easy for Rhys to handle Jamie because he was so endearingly tiny. He tossed the hands away without much effort, but then decided to ignore them when they came back again with even more force. He was interested in other things now because Jamie was staring up at him with those beautiful eyes as he hit him. They were filled with wild, angry hunger.
And he could not resist that.
Rhys reached out almost without thought. He grabbed the neck of Jamie’s jumper and dragged him towards him. His stared at Jamie with fierce determination as he bent down, letting their lips slam together. His tongue dove deep, fuelling Jamie’s desire and stopping the small man’s cry before it could be made.
Jamie hopelessly hit at Rhys’ shoulders, as he could not pull away from that fierce grip. The next thing he knew both his thighs were grabbed with large hands, pried apart and lifted up. He had to grab hold of Rhys’ neck to keep his balance as Rhys forcefully wrapped his legs round his waist. Rhys staggered a bit and pushed them against the wall, deepening the kiss.
The small man whimpered as he lost his fight, his tongue coming alive and meeting Rhys’ with equal abandon. The kissing was intense and overwhelming. Jamie grasped helplessly at the broad shoulders as Rhys took over completely and began to explore the grooves of his mouth sweetly and intricately, sucking his tongue in hunger. His hands eventually disappeared into Rhys’ hair, teasing without intent or realisation. Not that Rhys minded, in fact he loved it. In no time, they were grinding against each other, their cocks crying out at the separation by their track downs.
They broke apart panting, lips still so close together, their foreheads pressed hard against each other. Staring at each other like no one and nothing but them existed. Rhys felt like crying, the emotions were just too much all at once. God help him.
“Tell me to stop,” Rhys gasped roughly, struggling to hold back from that half open mouth. “Tell me to stop, Jamie.”
Rhys waited for as long as he was able. No words came, just that soft, mewling sound Jamie made when he wanted more of him. He knew that sound so well now. His lips crashed back down on that half open, bruised mouth. Rhys teased those swollen lips gently until Jamie yielded to him. Then he sucked the delicious tongue back into his mouth. He couldn’t get enough, he felt like he wanted to eat this mouth up. He wanted to devour his tiny Jamie.
He didn’t know how long he kissed Jamie for… he loved every minute of it and never wanted it to end. But he was beginning to want more; he kept struggling to keep himself from pulling that slim cock out of Jamie’s trousers, kept trying to keep from diving between those small cheeks that were already parted open. He knew Jamie wouldn’t be able to stop him in the state he was now, but that was not enough for him anymore.
He had told Jamie he would leave him alone and had already broken his word in the laundry room. He would not go any further this time. Shuddering with the effort it took, he pulled away from the kiss and set Jamie down on shaky legs. He held him tight for a while until he felt the small man calm down a little even though Rhys could tell he was still as rock hard as he himself was.
Then he let go and walked out of the bathroom as fast as he could without looking back.
Jamie crumpled to the ground, wanting Rhys so bad, his shame complete.

* * * *

A week later.
Days passed endlessly. It was torture. Jamie continued to avoid Rhys. But it was different now. He was beginning to daydream about the huge man, getting distracted so many times that he kept getting funny looks from everyone around him.
It was bad.
Rhys’ cards were all worn now from his constant perusal of them; he had these constant crazy thoughts of Rhys relaxing on his bed to write them; fresh towel from his laundry wrapped round that agile waist, naked chiselled chest glistening from his shower, strong nimble fingers putting pen to card, writing to him, for him.
Jamie actually longed to talk to him. But each time he saw him he was consumed with the need to run and hide. Jamie was confused at the feelings the sight of Rhys evoked. He could not get his head around what was happening to him. He refused to face it, and was prepared to fight it for as long as he could in the hope that maybe, just maybe it would go away.
This, it appeared, was not to be.
It was a bright day. Lunch was just over and all the inmates were relaxing around the exercise yard and fields. Everyone was busy with their own thing as there were all sorts of exercise equipment everywhere.
Jamie was sitting with his friends but was not concentrating on what was being discussed. Roger knew what was distracting Jamie. Rhys was at the other end of the yard, lifting weights. Roger saw that Jamie kept snatching glances over there.
He wished his friend would accept what he felt for the huge man before someone else snatched him up. After that movie, it was all too clear what a catch Rhys was and the queens were on alert now. He could tell. There were a lot of whispers going round. He didn’t dare tell Jamie though, the poor man was stressed enough as it was. He probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend men wanting to go after Rhys anyway.
Jamie was so into Rhys that he didn’t even realise what he was doing. He didn’t realise the longing as he stared across the field was so blatant in his eyes to everyone who as much as glanced his way.
Even when Rhys looked up and caught him staring, he blushed and looked away. But could not keep from looking back over and over again. Rhys just smiled at this and went on with his exercise routine. He also kept looking over, too. Rhys was happy to catch the little beauty staring. Making Jamie blush prettily for him made his day every time.
All of a sudden there was commotion at the entrance. A good number of guards led by Warden Cutler’s main minion Squeak walked into the yard, stern faced and armed. Everyone went quiet, all slowly standing up. They could see that this was not good; there were never this many guards. Something was about to go down.
Ace Grimes stepped out from behind them and Jamie’s heart sank. He just knew this concerned him. He could feel the fear begin to envelope him as the hulk of a man sneered lecherously at him.
Rhys was in front of Jamie in an instant, knowing this concerned Jamie as well. And anything concerning Jamie concerned him.
“Ahhh Mr. High and Mighty to the rescue, eh,” Squeak chuckled, “Sorry man, not this time. Get out of the way.”
“What’s going on?” Rhys asked as calmly as he could. Ace cleared his throat loudly. It sounded more like a gurgle though, a horrible slurping sound. Jamie cringed and subconsciously moved closer to Rhys’ back, his heart thumping painfully in his chest. His stomach churned violently like he was going to vomit.
“The little man here is wanted by the warden…” Squeak said, flicking his finger to signal the guards behind him to move. “Get out of the way.”
“So what’s Ace got to do with it? You can’t –”
“This isn’t twenty questions mister; get the fuck out of the way. Guys…”
All the guards, save for two, pounced strategically on Rhys, going for his arms and legs, taking him by surprise. He struggled with all his might as the other two guards dragged off Jamie. It was obvious now why there had been so many guards; the warden must have known he wouldn’t let them take Jamie away without a fight. It didn’t stop him struggling though. He fought them as much as he could, kicking and punching where and whom he could, not even realising he was yelling at the two guards walking away with Ace smirking behind them.
He had promised Jamie he would protect him. Now this. He couldn’t believe this was happening.
His struggles increased as the guilt and pain flooded his body, hurting the guards so much that they started using their batons on him simultaneously. Not that it stopped him though; the physical pain was nothing compared to what he was already feeling inside. He was like a madman. The batons came down hard and fast on his back strategically until they forced him down to the ground.
“Stop!” came a loud order.
The hitting stopped and so did Rhys, heaving on the floor and trying hard to focus. “Oops… Did I forget to mention he’s coming along too?” It was the warden and he sounded very amused. “We can’t leave Mr High and Mighty out of the show can we?”
Rhys stared through the shield of guards at the hateful man, so out of breath he couldn’t speak. The warden seemed to think messing with people was a game, he must have known from the start how he would react to Jamie being taken away. But his relief was overwhelming nonetheless; at least he would be with Jamie, whatever it was that was going to happen, he would be with him.
He allowed himself be dragged along, ignoring the wary glances of the men that pulled him and the gnawing pain in his back. The warden walked beside him like they were old friends taking a stroll, puffing a fat cigar a guard had just lit for him.
“Now,” he began, “Mr. Ace wants that pretty little boy of yours for some reason. I personally don’t see what you both are so crazy about… but then that’s just me. Anyway. I don’t usually give people what they want but I discovered that it could be quite entertaining for me. Especially after that night where you both looked like you were enjoying yourselves too damned much. You made me very unhappy that night. And you most definitely need to make up for that, don’t you agree?” No answer.
“Well, I sure do.”
The guards laughed heartily and slapped each other’s backs with camaraderie. Something was definitely up and it was not good.
“What do you want?” Rhys spat, feeling sick inside but managing to look menacing. Not that the warden was even looking his way.
“What do I want?” The warden repeated incredulously, his snigger becoming a wicked laugh. “Nothing much really. I want you to watch.”
“Watch?” Rhys’ stomach dropped.
“Of course.” More sniggering.
He was afraid to ask. He was so afraid. But he had to.
“Watch what?”
“What do you think? You will join a few very important friends of mine and watch our friend Ace have some fun with the little Mr. Jamie.”
“No!” Rhys did not realise he had spoken out loud. Oh God Rhys thought to himself. It was like his blood has been turned to ice. He knew Jamie would not be able to get back after that. Not if Ace was in the mix. Not in front of strangers. This was so messed up. He could not even begin to comprehend having to watch it happen.
“Oh yes.”
Despite the agony and dread boiling within him, Rhys knew he needed to be calm. He needed to think fast. There was no time. Jamie.
“Important friends?” he queried tentatively as they walked.
“Yes. As a matter of fact, very important pillars of society. All with more money than you could ever dream of so do not even think about offering me crap.”
Rhys knew he would do anything, realised he would do anything to protect Jamie from this. “What do you want warden. Name it.”
The warden simply shook his head as they kept walking.
“That can’t be the only option,” Rhys spoke softly, all menace gone. His voice dropped, pleading now. He had to try. ”Warden please, I’m ready to pay –“
“Don’t you fucking say it or I’ll have you thrown into solitary for the rest of your term!” the fat man spat viciously. It seemed like the fact that Rhys had so much money only disgusted him now. “Believe me, you don’t want to push my buttons anymore than you already have.”
“Please… I’ll do anything.”
The warden still said nothing. By now they are out of the prisoners’ access area and have entered another building. They walked down a long corridor, approaching a large double door where Rhys could see Ace was waiting leisurely with a few guards. Where was Jamie?
“Warden give me a minute, please,” he tried again, putting all of his heart into his pleas. A smirk covered the warden’s face as he revelled in the power. It felt even better than when he controlled Ace.
The warden stopped and they faced each other. The fat man’s eyebrows rose in question.
“You know I’m an actor right?” Eyebrows rose further without a word.
Rhys took a deep breath. “They… your important friends… they probably know me.”
Still silence.
“Would it not be more interesting if you had a famous actor entertaining them rather than…” he let it hang in the air, heart pounding painfully in his chest. Even breathing was quite painful at this point.
The eyebrows came down this time, forehead furrowing in thought. The warden thought about it. It had crossed his mind that his guests could very well know Rhys or at least may have heard of him but he was young. His guests were two generations ahead easy. But then again Rhys had done a good number of movies and had even won a few grammys. Bringing an actor in could equate to more dough for him. Much more. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. There was always Ace to make things interesting if it went awry.
Why hadn’t he thought of this before?
Rhys went on. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do to him. Your friends will see me enjoy doing what they want. Just tell me how you want it to be and I’ll do it. Anything.” Just not Ace.
The warden started walking again, not saying anything still but deep in thought. Rhys followed him, his heart in his mouth.
“You want to do this?” Rhys nodded. “You really want to do this?” Another vigorous nod.
“We are talking sadomasochistic sex here Mr Rhys, not lovemaking. Not exactly your forte, considering who’s involved.”
“I can do it.”
“You have to hurt him. Real bad. That’s what my friends want. It’s that or Ace comes in,” the warden stared at him seriously. “I admit I had you in mind initially but Ace seemed a better fit for the scenario. Which I must add, was thanks to you too as you will soon see.”
He chuckled to himself for a bit. “The only reason I’m even considering this is because I know my guests would possibly recognise you and that is good for me. But if you fuck this up, I will not only let Ace do whatever he wished with him, I will have Jamie moved into Ace’s cell. You understand that?”
He nearly wept with relief at those words, despite the underlying horrendous threat. He would cross that bridge when he got to it, for now, it was one step at a time.
Ace stepped forward when they reached the door, a sly grin on his face. “You up for it Rhys? Think you can watch me be the big bad wolf?” His sneer was victorious as the doors were opened and Rhys was pushed inside at Warden Cutler’s instruction. Ace had no idea that plans had changed and Rhys was not about to tell him.
Rhys’ heart lifted even if for a second with overpowering relief as he saw his Jamie cringing on the steps of the curved stage at the far end of the dimly lit room, his knuckles white as they gripped on the curtains.
The room was the size of a small theatre, complete with a stage and heavy burgundy curtains all round. In the centre of the stage was a massive black bondage cage adorned with all manner of contraptions. Rhys did a double take; feeling sickened all over again. This was what Warden Cutler meant when he said the scenario had been thanks to him. He was surprised at the place, but more so the cage. It was the exact scene from one of his movies where he had been a serial killer who raped and tortured his victims before killing them. Good grief, it could be the same cage if that was possible.
What the hell was going on?
The warden was much sicker than he thought.
Rhys was surprised that this theatre existed in here at all. But then he was a prisoner and this was outside their access area.
The small man caught sight of him and ran over with a cry, burying his face in Rhys’ belly in relief as the big man enveloped him in a fierce hug. The guards let them be this time and they hugged each other tight. Rhys could feel tears stinging his eyes and he forced them back with effort. Jamie was crying as Rhys slid him round him so he was standing behind him. He immediately buried himself in the small of Rhys’ back, holding on tight and trying to calm his nerves with Rhys’ smell.
Ace stayed by the door though, watching intently as Rhys kept Jamie behind him, his only way of shielding him at the moment. The warden had just told him there were to be changes in the general plan.
“You know you can’t fuck him in front of an audience, you’re too good for that, aren’t you? Think about it, you might actually know some of the people watching this. They might be filming it. Can you see the headlines rich guy?”
Rhys just stared at him.
“See that cage there?” Ace taunted, “That’s where it’s gonna happen. But I’m sure you already know that, don’t you. You really think you can do torture? To your little baby? I seriously doubt that.”
Jamie was whispering in Rhys’ back you promised, you promised. The voice was almost inaudible but Rhys heard him. It was never up for question anyway; he didn’t need to be reminded. He could never let anyone touch his Jamie.
“I’m doing it.”
Ace’s face dropped in disbelief. That was the last thing he expected. The rage he had been holding back in hope that Rhys wouldn’t accept pushed forth and he broke into a snarl and stepped forward. Fat fingers snapped and guards grabbed Ace and pulled him back, handcuffs immediately snapped on his wrists.
“Sorry Ace,” Warden Cutler said without remorse, eyes twinkling with excitement. “But this is too good to pass up. Maybe you can watch? Let’s see how much fun they’re going to get from fucking for my crowd. I plan to enjoy every minute.”
He turned to the guards “Squeak, get blankets. Let’s give them something comfy to soften the cage up shall we. I’m not that disagreeable after all.”
The warden stepped forward to Rhys’ side, so he was facing Jamie as well, strolling round their tense bodies. He did this repeatedly, making Rhys and Jamie extremely uncomfortable. Rhys reached behind for Jamie’s hand and intertwined their fingers, squeezing tight. Jamie was shaking.
“Now, for clarification. We have a live audience of the highest class,” he ignored Jamie’s gasp, “So you,” he pointed at Rhys, “are going to fuck you,” he pointed at Jamie, “in that lovely cage over there, for their entertainment and for mine. No drama, no bullshit. You do not address my audience in any way; you do not look at them; you do not even come in their direction. You do this exactly as I want and we’re happy. You use that cage and all its attachments. Rhys, I don’t think I have to tell you how it works. It’s from your movie The Holding Room so I am sure this is very familiar. You fail to deliver and we introduce Ace. You better be worth it… for Jamie’s sake. Lights!”
The hall suddenly lit up by lights from the stage, bringing the enormous cage into full frightening view. There seemed to be restraints hanging everywhere, whips, paddles and all forms of chains. It was not new to Rhys but was terror itself to Jamie. There was even a horrible spike covered swing! That was not going to be used on him!
He was hyperventilating like crazy as he took it all in, Rhys squeezed his hand but it didn’t seem to help at all. There were things he could not even identify that looked even more frightening when he thought of what it could be used for.
Warden Cutler just raised an eyebrow, “You better control yourself kid, cos if you faint, that kicks Rhys out of the game. And Ace will be happy to give you a spanking fuck while you play dead. So watch yourself.”
With that the warden walked out the door, a grumbling Ace scrambling after him and trying to get a word in. The warden dropped his voice a little, “Don’t worry, no matter how good he does, you’re still going to get to fuck that rat. I have a very particular audience with certain diverse interests.”
He gave Ace a pat on the shoulder and turned away. On his signal three guards led Ace away and he walked off with four guards flanking him while the other guards spread themselves in the large room with Rhys and Jamie and outside the door.
Rhys turned around to face Jamie. The worst moment had come – having to explain what he had to do to him. He was not sure how to start.
“Look at me,” he whispered, “Look at me Jamie.” He cupped the small man’s head and turned his face up to his.
Tears blurred Jamie’s silver eyes as he tried to focus and Rhys could tell he already had an idea. His small body was heaving like he was going to vomit. “Look at me. I have to hurt you.” Jamie’s eyes widened and the tears trickled down.
“With all those things in there right?”
Rhys nodded slowly. “You understand its not just sex they want... the bastards want blood. I have to use everything in there. It’s a scene from one of my movies and its…it will hurt.” Jamie tensed even more if that was possible. Rhys could not tell him anymore. “I’m so sorry. He was going to have Ace use them all on you while I watched.”
“Oh God.” Jamie tried to be strong but the tears kept falling. “Oh God.”
“I’m sorry.” Rhys said sadly, “There was no other way. I only just managed to convince Warden Cutler to use me instead. I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be Rhys,” Jamie sniffed, thankful for this mercy at least. “I’m glad it’s you. You must know that.”
Squeak came back in with the blankets. Rhys took a deep breath and turned to face Jamie as the blankets were spread in the centre of the cage. He took his hand and pulled him towards the entrance of the cage. They walked a few steps and the small man’s legs gave way in his terror as the door opened, this time letting in a string of people led courteously by Warden Cutler. Rhys caught him, pressing him against his body, crowding Jamie so he didn’t focus on the people settling in the front seats.
Time for the show he thought bitterly.
“It’s just me and you here, Tiny. No one else. There’s no one here, just us. You don’t look around; you look at me. Keep your eyes on me or keep them closed. Okay, Tiny?” Jamie nodded with difficulty. Tears streamed down his face.
“Rhy… ”
“Shhh, I know… don’t talk. Just keep your eyes on me.”
Jamie tried to talk again but Rhys covered his trembling mouth with his as he climbed into the cage and dropped them onto the blanket, keeping Jamie astride him. There was loud creak as the cage door was locked and he felt the small man stiffen at this and he tried to calm him, stroking his back.
Taking the direction he had given Jamie, he kept his eyes closed; wishing he could block his ears so he would not hear the many footsteps as the people filled the room. The door closed with a click and he heard the warden whisper some orders around as everyone settled in.
Then it was quiet.
Rhys pushed all thought from his mind, pushed away their surroundings, putting all his focus on the small creature in his arms, tilting his head to the side then finding Jamie’s tongue and devouring it with all his pent up hunger.
Jamie clutched at him, letting himself be devoured, struggling to do as Rhys had asked and keep all other thoughts at bay. He just about managed to do it, realising the best way really was with his eyes closed. He entered into Rhys’ world, the world he had been fighting to stay out of for so long.
Rhys’ hands stripped off his trousers and Jamie felt Rhys do the same to himself. Their shirts followed suit. When they settled back again Rhys kept their bodies tight together so they were not too exposed to everyone. His hand found Jamie’s slim cock and held on to the hardness, unable to stop a shudder of pleasure as he remembered the feel of it. Sliding his own cock between the small thighs that involuntarily widened for him as he stroked, Rhys braced himself.
Tears prickled at Rhys’ eyes as he clenched his right fist, making sure it was in full view of the audience. He splayed his left hand on Jamie’s back to keep him still and hit Jamie hard in the stomach with three successive blows.
Jamie choked into his mouth as his body convulsed in shock, pain, and confusion as Rhys went swiftly back to his now flaccid cock. He did not hear the murmur of approval from the audience as they began to get what they paid so much for.
Jamie’s eyes remained tightly closed and his small body began to buck and shudder as Rhys stroked him back to life expertly through the pain. Rhys’ lips moved to his neck and nipped down at his neck. Jamie gasped out loud and Rhys moved back to face him, kissing him again as he whispered.
“No sounds Tiny,” he rasped, not stopping the strokes so the small man was gasping against his mouth “You can bite me anywhere you want. Like you did in the carpentry shed. Now.”
He went back to Jamie’s neck, nipping much harder than he did before and causing Jamie to groan and bite into Rhys’ own neck. A large hand snaked over Jamie’s small back, teasing the ridges of his spine as Rhys’ other hand worked him fast. He was unable to stop the muffled ragged scream as he came into Rhys’ hand despite biting down hard for Rhys’s left hand dragged down his back, tearing skin as it went.
The pain impeded his release. Rhys twisted his arms behind him and he felt the cuff straps wrap around his wrists and snap into place. He pressed his face into Rhys’ chest as the bigger man pressed a lever that hiked his hands behind him and high up strappado style. The pull of the ropes forced him forward and he cried out hollowly as his shoulder blades twisted backwards at an awkward angle.
Rhys leant back on his heels when he was done so he could see Jamie’s bent face. Jamie’s eyes fill with pain as this time he hears the sounds of approval. He fought to keep the bile from rising in his throat. Rhys’ eyes were intent on him. Jamie focused on those eyes. They were all he had now. Even as he searched through the wildness that filled them, Jamie kept reminding himself that it was all for show.
It’s not Rhys doing this…hurting him like this
It’s Rhys
It’s not… it is
Tears fill at this and he gritted his teeth as hard as he could to keep from crying out again as Rhys strapped a spiked collar onto his neck and pulled down hard, plugging the connecting chain onto a hook in the floor. He was stretched to the core, even as his body shook it hurt like hell. It’s not Rhys… its not.
Rhys moved behind him, rubbing his back soothingly as he shifted position. His legs were pushed part forcefully and he gasped at Rhys’ gnawing grip on his thighs. Jamie could not hold back the sobs. The fear was building so fast despite his internal assurances that it was his Rhys doing this to him. His body was shaking as he was dragged viciously into position, his knees rubbing raw on the bare floor as the blankets are displaced.
Rhys pushed Jamie’s thighs as far apart as he could manage without breaking his legs, choking as the small man stiffened at that limit. Shame filled him for Jamie’s sake when he spread Jamie’s small cheeks wide open. Sobs increased underneath him and Rhys tried not to wince as he strapped Jamie’s thighs next; one set so high up Jamie could feel the leather on against his balls. The other straps were just above each knee and they kept him painfully taut in place.
Disgusted by himself at what he was doing, Rhys stared at the cage door with murderous rage.  God, he so wanted to kill every single fucking one of those old bastards for their enjoyment of this. Reminding himself of the possibility of being substituted for Ace again and again; Rhys tried to keep his focus. But he knew it was waning, he didn’t think he could go through with it to the end. The idea of actually raping Jamie for sure was unthinkable.
But what could he do?
What choice did he have?
How do you protect someone by hurting him almost as much as another would hurt him? What did that make him?
What did that fucking make him?
What will Jamie think of him after this? He was no better than Ace if he did this. He couldn’t be any better.
Jamie thought he knew what was coming next but the blasts of pleasure shocked his mind when Rhys’ finger circled his pucker repeatedly instead. He had been expecting him to enter him straight up. His body was confused and bruised. As much as he tried to remove himself from the situation and think of something else, he could not. The only good thing he could think of about this place was Rhys and he was the one doing this to him.
His back arched at more blasts hitting him when the cleft of his buttocks came into contact with Rhys’ roving hardness. He began to grind into it as Rhys circled him, jerking as a moist finger gently slid in. The fear remained though, now even more so; as if the gentleness precluded much more pain to come.
And he was right.
Rhys started to spank him repeatedly with the leather paddle as he moved his finger; two brutal spanks for each thrust. Not light low hits, but high vicious ones that felt like they would break his hipbones each time. Jamie was hoarse and breathless from crying. His head lolled forward crazily when Rhys added a second finger and together they attack his sweet spot with such ferocity that he is seeing stars. Unwanted pleasure and pain flood his senses at the same time, each seeking control and overloading his system.
The restraints all over him hurt so bad that he feared he was going to faint. He prayed to God that he did not. He needed to be strong through all this; he had to be.
Jamie felt Rhys bend over him, pressing his face into the back of his neck. Rhys’ free hand gently soothed the sore flesh of Jamie’s buttocks, unseen by the audience. Some relief came over Jamie and he tried unsuccessfully to lean back into Rhys but the restraints burned and forced him to stay put.
Rhys was able to relax the crazed look on his face with his head bent out of view. He was in such turmoil right now. A tear rolled down his cheek as he let his true emotions out. “I’m sorry, Tiny. I’m so sorry,” Rhys whispered shakily, squeezing his eyes shut to control himself. “Take deep breaths for me, slow and deep.”
Jamie’s sobbed as he took in Rhys’ words. It hurts so much that it is Rhys doing this; he wished it weren’t but the alternative was unacceptable. Rhys can see him visibly struggling to calm himself and it is heart wrenching. The scratches he put on Jamie’s are right before him and he fights the urge to kiss them. “That’s it Tiny, just like that.”
Jamie was getting woozy. The fingers are still in him, sliding in ever so gently now on his spot and sending waves of fire through his limbs. He wanted to hold Rhys so bad; to remind himself that it is Rhys. Not Ace. It was like his mind was splintering as it tried to make sense of the pain, of the pleasure, of Rhys.
Rhys felt a temporary relief as Jamie’s sobs subside into gasps and whimpers. But it was cut short in an instant by stern cough comes from somewhere in the audience. Rhys did not need to look up to know it was Warden Cutler. He was very quick to identify the sounds of pleasure and remind them of the agreement.
Suddenly Rhys swivelled across Jamie’s body to face him. Pain ripped through Jamie, as the long fingers twisted inside him for Rhys did not withdraw them. There are tears in Rhys’ eyes as they came face-to-face again and it is too much, with the applause loud and clear this time. It is just too much.
Rhys pulled out his fingers and wrapped himself round Jamie, foreheads touching, eyes tightly closed. Jamie shuddered, sagging a little as the position relieved the pressure on his shoulders. “I can’t do this,” Rhys whispered. “God help me, I can’t hurt you anymore.”
Jamie took a deep painful breath, his voice involuntarily coming out as a groan for his shoulders hurt like crazy. “You have to, Rhys. Ace will kill me compared to this. Just do it. It’s okay. Please.”
Rhys opened his eyes and stared at Jamie. He let the small man’s eyes soothe his turmoil and forced the imagery of Ace getting at Jamie into his head. Slowly he let himself be overwhelmed by the blinding anger that thought brought, his resolve building along with it.
His face contorted frighteningly and he started to kiss Jamie, bruising both their lips in the process as his large hand gripped over and around the collar on the small man’s neck so hard his fingers dug into the skin.
He let out a loud groan of rage at himself as Jamie began to sob again, dragging Jamie’s head down to his neck. “Bite me,” he hissed, “Now.”
A ragged cry tore out of Jamie’s throat just as he tried to do as instructed, as three fingers forced their way inside him at once. Jamie convulsed in shock; he had never experienced pain this bad. It seared through him and he fought against the fierce grip on his neck, against all the restraints, trying to get away. No longer able to control himself, he continued to fight even though he knew it would not help. Rhys could not stop. Rhys had to keep hurting him.
Jamie could not stop struggling; and the increasing pressure on his tightly twisted shoulders was horrendous. All of a sudden there was a horrible popping sound. It felt like his left shoulder had dislocated. His mind went into lockdown, maddened further by the fingers still tearing at him. He could taste blood.
Tears trailed down Rhys’ stern face as he held Jamie down.

* * * *

As the audience of a few old members of parliament and high profile men feasted on the sight of the two men before them, someone opened the theatre door slowly and peeked through nervously. It was one of the guards and his eyes were trained on the warden, his expression asking permission to enter. The warden nodded and the frantic looking guard surged in and squatted warily beside him, whispering gently in his ear.
“Malloy! What the fuck?” Warden Cutler growled with growing apprehension, eyes flicking around nervously “You can’t be serious!”
He stared down at the guard who nodded with a frightened look on his face and then at the crowd of people he had invited. No way could these men find out who was waiting in his office. He needed to get them out fast before they were recognized.
The other guards tensed and were trying to listen at the same time as trying to catch what was happening on the platform. The oblivious group of men simply continued to watch what they had paid for without a care in the world.
“No Guv,” whispered Malloy, “She is already in your office. I told her I would go get you but she started nosing around and said she wanted to have a look at the c…cameras, sir. I couldn’t stop her Guv; her whole entourage came with. She told me to get out and find you. She has probably seen all this by now, sir.”
“Shit. Shit,” the warden exclaimed. He looked around wildly, eyes stopping on Squeak, who scrambled over immediately. “Stop them,” he grunted when Squeak reached him, indicating Rhys and Jamie. “Stop them now. And bring Rhys over to me in the gym office. Wait till I get these men out before you do that.”
He stood up quietly, avoiding the surveillance camera, as if his massive frame could be hidden by stealth alone. He signalled to the guests, most of who looked angry and uncomprehending at the interruption. They ignored him completely.
He swallowed his irritation and went over to them to explain the problem as vaguely as possible. Eventually they stood up with reluctance and sauntered out, facing the direction he indicated so their faces were not in view of the camera. The last two men stared back at the oblivious lovers with some regret before they disappeared out the door.
Squeak literally flew over to the couple, not sure how to get them to stop.

* * * *

Meanwhile, Jamie was biting as hard as he could but the pain was so much so that the groans kept escaping. He couldn’t help it; he wanted to scream. He needed to scream. It was almost as if Rhys read his mind for he nudged his head up and claimed his crying mouth deeply this time as the three fingers curled into him again and again, tongue sucking on his and swallowing his cries. Neither of them heard the cage door unlock and creak open.
Squeak had to shout and cough before they heard him. They stiffened as they realised he was right beside them. The guard looked away uncomfortably when he saw they had heard him and just rambled on.

“The Boss said you have to stop now. Get dressed.” He mumbled, having the decency to keep his eyes averted. “Rhys, he wants to speak with you in the gymnasium office when you are ready. I’ll be waiting over by the door.”

He shuffled off without looking back.

Rhys held on tight to Jamie as they came down to reality. It took them a while and Rhys refused to rush Jamie, unstrapping him slowly and carefully. His heart constricted as he kissed the sore flesh where each of the straps had been, tears rolling down his face. Holding the trembling man against his chest, he held onto the dislocated shoulder and popped it back into place. Jamie screamed this time and collapsed into him, sobbing harshly.
Rhys let him cry, waiting until the small man could breathe without sobbing before he gently pulled him onto his feet. He rubbed Jamie’s shoulders soothingly as he made sure all the so-called guests had been led away. All he wanted to do now was take Jamie away somewhere and soothe all the pain he had just caused him. He hated that he did not have that choice.

Jamie was lightheaded with relief even though his whole body was throbbing. He had no idea what had just happened but was too weak to think. Rhys reluctantly let him go, helping him out of the cage and holding him by the arm as they walked up to Squeak at the door.
Squeak nodded for a guard, saying the approaching officer would take Jamie to his cell. Rhys tensed with worry but relaxed when he saw it was Alan Camlin, one of the guards he had on his payroll. They shook hands and he nodded at him in silent agreement; he would take care of Jamie, there would be no ambushes from Ace or anyone else.

Rhys made a mental note to give him a bonus for his trouble. For keeping his baby safe.

His baby?

Oh God, yes. His baby.

He knew at that moment, as he squeezed Jamie’s hand reassuringly and they were led in different directions, that he was well and truly lost.


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