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Chapter Six - Discovery: Prison Inmates

Jamie was in the laundry room. He hadn’t slept very well with all the vivid dreams he’d had. He longed to be with Rhys so bad, he ached. After they had resolved things last week, Rhys had been trying to get them some alone time in his cell, but the warden was on holiday as were the nurses he was friendly with in the infirmary. So they 
had no choice but to wait a little.

Jamie was going crazy.

Rhys had refused to make love to him after that day in the laundry room, saying he wanted them to have proper time together in nice place. Jamie, on the other hand, didn’t care where it happened so long as it did.

He couldn’t believe that he wanted - no - that he physically and mentally ached for a man this much. He was actually aching even more to have him inside his body. He marvelled at his thoughts and laughed.
Rhys was helping him deal with their new ‘status’ of being gay, and it was really helping his state of mind so far. That he could now laugh at these thoughts and not cry was a great step in the right direction. Soon they would stop bothering him altogether.

He was tired of waiting though. He had to do something about this constant crazy horniness. He couldn’t think of anything but that huge man all over him… deep inside him... Even his cellmates were beginning to wonder what was up with him.

Jamie smiled as his thoughts came together quite nicely. He knew exactly how he would get what he wanted.

I am going to seduce Rhys.

Now this was saying a lot, for Jamie was still very shy when it came to Rhys. If he had been in his house in London, he probably would have guzzled his entire selection of stiff drinks to enable himself to do what he was planning now. As it was he had only his mind… well, and his body.

He pushed all negative thoughts out of his mind. Not that they made a difference, for his need kept him hard as a rock, and the evidence was pushing against his prison track downs. He picked up a stack of towels and held them in front of himself to disguise his erection.

Taking a deep breath, he headed off to the gym, where he knew Rhys was going to be today. He was there all right, fresh out of the shower (perfect!), large muscles rippling as he dried himself. He was however, discussing seriously with some of his mates and their faces were intense and heated. His smile flashed widely and his eyes lit up as he noticed Jamie approaching. His finger crooked at him and Jamie nodded, walking to him, shyness building as he neared. A kiss touched his forehead, sizzling down his back. Very chaste for Rhys, Jamie thought, knowing that Rhys was holding back because of the other inmates around them.

Acting now, he forced a worried look on his face. Rhys took his cue asked his friends to excuse him for a minute while he spoke to Jamie. They went over to sit down elsewhere, and just as he hoped, Rhys pulled him close and onto his lap, looking into his face more. Jamie fought a giggle, closing his eyes tight.

"What’s wrong Tiny?” He got another kiss on his forehead. Jamie so wanted more where that came from.

“I need to show you something…”

“I’m a bit busy with the guys, we’re trying to sort some stuff out. Can it wait?”

“No… I found a lump in my belly. A lump Rhys! What if it’s cancer?”

Rhys looked so stricken that Jamie almost lost his nerve in guilt. 


“Stop that silly, of course it’s not cancer. Let me see…” His large hand began to root under the towels. Jamie squirmed in horror.

“No, not here…”

Rhys moved immediately, setting Jamie down so he could pull his shirt on and dry his hair as fast as he could with his towel. He already had his track downs on so he just spoke to his guys for a second and then led Jamie away.

Jamie’s nervousness built steadily but this still worked as Rhys mistook it for fear. He was actually scared that he had really interrupted something important all for a silly romp, and that Rhys was going to be mad at him when he found out. His excitement increased as neared the laundry room, and he didn’t know what expression to keep on his face. He noticed that Rhys looked serious and calm so he took a deep breath to settle himself; he was so hard now that his legs were going weak.

They got to his workplace, the laundry room, and Rhys lifted him up and set him down gently on a table. The towels were now on Jamie’s lap and he lay flat on his back and closed his eyes. Hoping for the best, he pulled up his shirt so his midriff was exposed, stifling a gasp as Rhys’ hands went over his belly gently searching.

“Where?” he asked softly. Jamie could feel his warm breath on his skin… oh God, not long now.

“Lower down… under my navel… press on the skin…” Jamie said, his breath catching in anticipation.

Rhys impatiently tossed the towels off Jamie as he drew down his tracks with his other hand. He let out a gasp as Jamie’s erection bounced up towards him. It would have hit his face if not for the constraints of the waistband it was poking halfway out of.

The transformation in the huge man was tremendous to see. Rhys gripped the sides of the table, leaning backwards away from the pulsing attraction and then somehow being drawn back to it.

Rhys growled like an animal as he tried to control the sudden intense longing to rip his tiny man apart.
“Jamieeee… fuck… what are you… trying to do to me… I’ve got things to do… this isn’t the right pl…” His voice was choked. He tried to look angry, but all he could manage was a wild, hungry, predatory glare.

“Please Rhy… I just need a little bit of you…” Jamie pleaded piteously. 

The small man’s eyes then widened and his body stiffened all of a sudden. Then his back curved off the table in an arch.

“Awwwwww yes… yes.”

Rhys had pulled down Jamie’s track downs and taken him full in the mouth, sending Jamie’s hips up in the air in helpless abandon as he immediately began to suck furiously. Rhys’ hands slammed those hips back down and held them prisoner so that Jamie was completely helpless to his mouth.

Rhys took him so deep that his lips crushed into Jamie’s pubic bone and the small man would have exploded there and then if those lips had not knowingly clamped firmly on the base of his cock, holding him back.

Satisfied he had held the orgasm back, the big man took a deep pull and stood up, staring at Jamie’s ecstasy ridden face, looking like he wanted to eat him alive. Jamie began to undulate, trying to free himself from the tight grasp Rhys had on his hips and lift himself back into that hot, moist mouth. Rhys wouldn’t let him. The bigger man kept on with his wild stare, heaving like he was going to explode. Jamie held his gaze, breathless, his eyes pleading, his face flushed, and his small thighs falling open in weak supplication and surrender.

He stared down at his erection, so engorged and stiff, the glistening head was a very dark angry purple, thick veins pulsing down the length of it. He had never been so horny in his life… it felt like he was going to come from just Rhys’ stare alone.

“I… I’m gonna come everywhere…” he whimpered with a long sigh.

“No, you are not,” Rhys warned, a dangerous look in his eye. “You’re gonna come in my mouth.”

But Rhys still did not make any move to take Jamie in his mouth again or let him move. The intensity in his eyes was maddening for Jamie; he had never wanted another person so much.

“Please… nngh… c… ccan’t bear it…”

He shuddered as Rhys answered his plea, dipping his head back down to suck on the straining rod. The only problem was he gave the head just another slurp of his tongue, let it worm into his throat, and pulled hard again with his lips clamping torturously on the hardened flesh. Then he lifted his head up and stared hard at Jamie again.

“Rhy don’t stop. God… please... please. I won’t lie to you again. Please…”

Rhys kept this up, the ecstatic torture, giving his baby a taste and then pulling back, turning the small man into a mass of electric nerves. Eyes rolling, he struggled to stay in Rhys’ mouth, unable to come, unable to muster a coherent word, his mouth hanging open in endless pleading mewls.

It was when Jamie began to sob helplessly with need that Rhys finally let off. God he could look at that face for the rest of his life.

He cupped the taut bum in his hands and lifted it up to his face, taking his baby deep into his throat.

His head did not move. He kept firm gummy suction on the sleek turgid flesh, simply pulling Jamie’s hips down and up, repeatedly, fucking his own mouth with him as his tongue lashed and curled. The small man was weightless and boneless, the only sign of life was his whimpering cries as his body was delivered, given totally, completely to his love.

Small hands flayed wildly on the table, gripping at anything and everything but unable to hold on for long. His back still arched despite being halfway in the air, into that crazy sucking mouth. Tears of unbridled ecstasy trailed down his face as his come was drawn forcefully out of him by his love’s hungry mouth.

Rhys drank every drop of his come, enraptured as always in the small man’s enjoyment of his lovemaking. He lowered the tiny beauty onto the table and then gathered the limp form into his arms. He was completely out of it; there was no way Jamie could stand at this point.

“See why I didn’t want us to do it out here… there’s no place for you to relax properly…” He kissed the top of his baby’s head and began to stroke his back, as he settled them on top of some bedding on the floor with Jamie still astride him. He laughed softly at himself, “I can’t believe you just seduced me, you naughty boy.”

They were quiet for a minute, holding and savouring each other. Then… a groan.

“Don’t do that…” Rhys gasped. “God Jamie…”

“I can’t get enough of you…” Jamie whispered.

The small man was weakened but still hungry, and Rhys had not yet been sated so Jamie’s light teasing fingers on the fabric just against his erection were easily driving him crazy. Rhys lifted his hips up and pulled his trousers down to let the small hands get to his thick, starving limb, all generously veined and dripping. Jamie reached for the huge cock in hungry delight.

Noticing that Jamie was half erect now, Rhys licked at his palm and began to return the favour.

“No Rhy…” Jamie wanted to concentrate on Rhys’ cock, and the big man was distracting him. “I need to do you…”

Instead to his dismay, Rhys slapped his hands off his work and began to stroke him anew. He was painfully hard again in minutes. Rhys held the back of Jamie’s head still and started to kiss him, still not letting him touch him again.

“I want to... Rhy… stop.”

“Oh no… you started it… now I make the rules sweetheart.”

“But you need… nghhhhh,” his words were dissolved by the maddening rapidness of the strokes of Rhys’ hand and he threw his head back, right into a deep kiss while his small body vibrated forcefully.

It didn’t take Jamie long to come again, much to Rhys’ delight for he loved the power he had over his little beauty. He slowly covered his cock with the warm essence of his baby’s release and began to prepare his love for more. The delicious gasps that filled his ears as he slid in a finger drove him mad. He bit into the crook of his baby’s neck and, feeling the heavy shudders go through Jamie’s entire body, slipped in a second one.
Jamie’s lips found his and his tongue went crazy in his mouth, going everywhere at once and sending electric shocks straight down to his hungry length. He was wrapping Jamie’s arms round his shoulders when he noticed there was something sitting on the floor next to them- the miniature lube he had given Jamie sometime ago. He chuckled, nuzzling in his baby’s cheek, teasing him with small bites as he added the gel liquid to his Jamie-covered hardness, his fingers then dancing back inside the tight hole.

Unable to wait any longer he lifted the small man by the bum and lowered him onto his hardness while Jamie held on tight. Jamie stiffened as the rod breached his threshold and cried out as it slowly went deeper. Real slow.

Jamie then became impatient at Rhys’ agonizing slowness and pushed himself down with all his might, their position giving him every fucking inch.

“Jamie!” Rhys gasped in protest, too late.

Rhys held him as Jamie cringed at the fullness and depth, all his strength diminishing and his legs starting to shake like they were paper in the wind. The fullness went deep, so deep that Jamie began to panic, his body thrashing in Rhys’ arms.

“Jesus Jamie…”

Rhys held the little man tight against his torso. He made no movement at first, just soothing kisses and teasing fingers, whispering his love and nibbling on his ears and neck as he waited for a sign of his readiness, for Jamie’s tense body to relax around him.

It came. Tiny hands holding him tight as small hips ground against him, sounds no longer shocked gasps but moans that were heading towards pleas. Rhys slowly took control like Jamie loved, cupping the small filled bottom and grinding it into his groin, slowly steadily lifting it further up with each stroke.

He tried to keep his thrusts shallow so as not to frighten Jamie with the depth he could reach, but the little man kept pushing really hard with each downward pull, whining for him to give him all, not caring anymore about the depth now his body was ready, wanting all of him.

Rhys finally heeded his need. Jamie gasped repeatedly as Rhys gave him more and more of him till it was all of him, slowly angling each deep thrust so he hit the right spot from then on.

“Oh… oh yeah.” Jamie groaned as Rhys went deeper and deeper into that fiery grip. He knew the huge man wouldn’t go wild on him this time, not after he had just rushed things and hurt himself but this, yes, this he could work with…

It was still so soooo good.

In no time Rhys had built a steady pace, sliding in and out of that small writhing, unbelievably delicious body that took him and took him until he sucked him dry, his deep voice guttural in his release.
He still didn’t stop his assault though, for his baby was still in orgasm.

Jamie’s orgasm was long and almost painful as it tore viciously through his nerves, hitting his centre just as Rhys bottomed into same, ripping out of his body and taking him along for the ride.
Neither of them saw the hungry menacing eyes watching their lovemaking or the grimace as his hands brought himself to climax.

It was time for the plan to kick off. He was sick of the waiting. Jamie was going to be his if it was the last thing he did.

* * * *

Ace continued to watch the little man each passing day, making him want him all the more. That bastard Rhys could not take what was his. No way. He might have had first go, but he was damned if he let him keep the angelic rat all to himself.

* * * *

His chance finally came.

* * * *

Rhys was in the library when the riots started. He was going over some case law with Old Cole, looking at some aspects of Jamie’s case. When the lockdown alarm sounded, they rushed out to see what the commotion was about.

Moving extremely fast, Rhys managed to get to the association field before a crowd of officers stopped him.

“What’s going on?”

The officers watched him with wary eyes despite the fact that he didn’t seem to have a clue what was happening. They had learnt from daily experience not to trust any of the offenders. Someone finally answered him.

“Fights have started in the main corridor and the area near the gymnasium and kitchen. It seems a number of officers have been attacked as well. We suspect a riot is building— there’s been too many fights in this short space of time for it to be anything else.”

There was a loud thud and then shouts from the wings as things began to be thrown around.

“Yup,” the officer said. “A riot alright.” Orders were shouted simultaneously through their walkie-talkies and the officers left him there after a warning to stay out of the rioting.

Old Cole tugged at his sleeve. Rhys had forgotten all about him in all his fright. “We should wait it out,” the old man advised.

But his fright built into abject fear as his mind worked. Nothing had happened to stir this up as far as he knew, and he always knew when these things were brewing. There had never been a time when there was no inkling that something was imminent.

Something wasn’t right.

“Where’s Jamie today?” he asked even though he knew.

“Laundry,” panted Old Cole in reply, even though he knew Rhys already knew this.

“Where’s Ace working today?”

“He’s usually in the gym. But earlier I heard Officer Matlock saying he was being taken over to adjudication at noon.”

“Noon,” Rhys repeated, a sick feeling churning harder in his belly. “It’s noon now.”


“They would have been moving him when this started… the route to adjudication is by the laundry.”
Colour drained from Old Cole’s face as he realised exactly what Rhys was getting at.

Rhys’ hands were on his head, squeezing as he tried to focus, to think. “He knew. The bastard knew. With a riot, there’ll be lockdown and everyone stays wherever they are no matter what. He knew I would be all the way over here today. In a lockdown I can’t get to Jamie in the laundry.” He was hyperventilating now. Fear seemed to be mingling with his blood and tearing at his nerves. “I need to get to him.”

“Rhys, it’s impossible.”

“I don’t fucking care. I’m getting to Jamie if it kills me. I have to.” He was talking more to himself than the old man. “I have to.”

* * * *

Rhys ran as fast as he could, coming to a stop at the security gate.

Officer Morgan stood there, face stern.

“I need to get to Jamie,” Rhys panted, chest heaving. The guard stared at him like he was crazy. “Please. Help me. Ace will kill him…”

“I can’t Rhys, the cameras will have me on record. I’ll lose my job.”

“I’ll get you a new job! You know I can. Better paying by far too. Please.”

The guard hesitated, apprehension written all over his face.

“There’s a small corridor past the back of the senior officer’s office.” Rhys nodded hurriedly. “Go through there, keep going left and down the stairs, and then at the bottom do a right. The far door down there leads out to the back of the wing and into the shared garden with the laundry building. Lots of the guards forget to lock those doors cos they’re always smoking there. Try that. If not come back here and I’ll open this one.”
Rhys was off, missing the guard’s last words, “I promise.”

The route was not a thoroughfare the prisoners used at all; only the officers went through there. No wonder they never locked the doors. Rhys had never been there before. It was like a regular office building from the view of the prison wings. Inside however was quite a maze. Thank goodness he had memorised the directions Officer Morgan had given him.

He almost wept in relief when the heavy doors creaked open. Air. Outside. The laundry room was just opposite. He couldn’t hear anything from there with all the shouts and sirens blasting left and right.

Second door open. More relief, and still the unrelenting sickening fear. The riot was in full force here, just as he expected. Ace would have done this to divert the guards from his real motive.

Why did he not think of this? Why did he think Ace would just lie back and let things be? How could he have failed Jamie this way?

Pulling himself together as he pushed through crowds, he reminded himself that Jamie may have found somewhere to hide…


Someone punched him from nowhere. He growled and gritted his teeth as he faced his attacker. He so did not need this diversion right now. He sent Ace’s minion, Major, flying across the room into another group of prisoners who were fighting.

* * * *

Jamie felt the bile rise up in his throat. There was nowhere to run. It was pointless trying. Ace had planned this perfectly. He was a goner with Rhys at the other end of the prison. With the riot going on there was immediate lockdown all through the non-sterile areas, probably the sterile areas too. All the officers would be too busy protecting themselves to worry about what the prisoners were doing to each other. The Riot Control Unit would take a while to get dispatched. He would most likely be dead by then. He could see it in Ace’s triumphant sneer.

He was going to kill him.

“You little shit,” Ace rasped in partial disbelief at his luck, taking deliberately slow yet predatory steps towards Jamie. “Mine at last.” He slammed the heavy door shut with a swift twist of his hand. “Mmh. I’m gonna mess you up so bad you’ll be begging me to kill you. You think you’ve been having fun with Mr Hoity Toity? I’m gonna show you my kinda fun.”

A hard blow to his chest sent Jamie coughing to the floor. Ace dragged him back to his feet in seconds by the scruff of his neck. He wrapped his hands round himself, trying to protect his throbbing chest but Ace slammed him against the wall so hard that his teeth rattled.

He gasped in pain. “Ace, please.”

“Don’t even waste your spit…Tiny,” he mocked, mimicking Rhys. Jamie hated him even more in that moment. “I’m getting what I want here and now. There’s nothing you can say to stop me so shut the fuck up.”

He finished that with a blow to the left side of Jamie’s face. Then the right, drawing blood. Stars exploded in the small man’s vision, and he cried out, dizzy with pain. He hit back at Ace, the unexpected action catching the huge man off guard.

But Ace recovered before Jamie could even move out of his grasp. The punches came hard and fast after that. His clothes were ripped off his small frame with so much ease that he began to cry. He hated himself for being this way: so weak and helpless. He wanted to curl up and die, to let Ace kill him in his shame and get it over with.

Rhys flashed before his eyes as Ace kicked his prone form in the ribs. Rhys will be trying to find me. I know he will. He wouldn’t want me to give up so easily. He’ll want me to fight.

So he fought.

One foot in the right position had Ace dropping to the floor with a roar of rage. Jamie made a run for it but only managed to reach the door before Ace was upon him again with fearful strength. He was slammed onto the ground, the force of Ace’s weight knocking the air out of him and leaving him dazed for a minute. His chest felt bruised from the contact with the hard floor, and breathing hurt from then on.

Ace grabbed him by throat to keep him down when he began to struggle. Fingers tightened on his throat and his vision began to darken, stilling his struggles. It appears that was what Ace wanted because he stopped the pressure though his grip remained.

But then the huge man moved one hand from Jamie’s throat, and to Jamie’s horror, he felt him pull at his waist band.



Jamie began to struggle again, not caring about being choked, not caring about the punches that were rained on his back. He wouldn’t let Ace rape him; he’d rather die first. Grunting in pain he braced his head on the ground and slammed his elbows backwards and in with all his might. He felt a temporary pleasure when he came in contact with the ribs of the man on top of him.

Ace howled as pain shot through his chest and back, losing his grip on Jamie’s neck. He slumped to one side in the unexpected agony. Jamie scrambled up as fast as he could, but he made the mistake of trying to step past Ace to get to the door. The massive man grabbed his thigh, throwing him off balance.

He managed to steady himself to keep from falling and was going to kick Ace off when his cock was gripped in what felt like a deadlock.

Jamie screamed hoarsely again and again with each painful squeeze and pull. He pleaded nonstop as he was dragged and pushed against the wall while Ace slowly regained his composure, grinning evilly all the while.

“This pretty little cock of yours… this is what Rhys has been sucking yeah? Not very impressive is it? Such a little thing… how about we simply take it away, huh? Make it disappear.” He sneered, squeezing more for good measure.

Fear was evident in Jamie’s screams now, not just pain. He was woozy from the piercing pain; the terror of what Ace planned for him was too great.

Ace, back to form now, straightened up and smiled at the freaked out man, eyes glittering with wild excitement at the pain erupting all over Jamie’s face. He let go of his cock and his fist connected with Jamie’s balls before returning to their previous torture.

Jamie gasped and doubled over but was slammed back into the wall, a fist crunching into his face. His knees gave way, earning more burning pain as all that was holding him up was Ace’s death grip on his cock, making him struggle to keep upright.

Ace’s laughter was loud and manic. He was in his own private heaven. Jamie, Rhys’ little angel, was his at last. He punched again, feasting on Jamie’s face as he hit his perineum hard. Twice.

At this point, Jamie could no longer manage to hold himself up. He was fast losing consciousness, much to his terror. Ace seemed to know it too, for he let go of Jamie’s cock and allowed the small man slump to the cold floor.

The last thing Jamie heard as he was dragged flat on his back and his thighs forced apart was the worst – “I’m going to fuck you so bad, you’ll be in so many pieces there’ll be nothing left for Rhys to pick up.”

* * * *



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