Friday, 27 December 2013

Chapter Two - Discovery: Prison Inmates


The next day, rollcall turned out to be incorrect for some reason and brought the whole prison to a stand still. All the prisoners were kept in their cells till everyone was accounted for all over again; this as usual took forever as the prison guards were now afraid something was amiss. Even after the rollcall was painstakingly repeated, the warden was wary so he decided to keep everyone in place for the rest of the day. Food was taken round the wings by the guards and those inmates with the highest grade, mostly the old trusted ones like Old Cole, lifers and such.

This didn’t stop the news of what had happened between the two men from spreading like wild fire, in fact it made it easier. The guards talked a lot you see, amongst other things and before long there were whispers going from cell to cell all day long.

The news was no big deal in the confines of HMP Margan; in fact it happened every other day there. But it seemed like this time was different for it was all the inmates could talk about. Mostly it was because it was Jamie and Rhys; being the guy Ace the prison terror himself wanted at all costs and the other the guy Ace was subtly fighting for power with within these walls. Everyone knew that this was going to blow up big time once Ace got out of the infirmary. There was a lot of excitement for that reason alone.

And they were so right.

Ace was mad. Unbelievably mad.

He was growling in the infirmary and struggling to get off the bed even with the throbbing pain in his leg, making for the guard who bore the news. He was red in the face and his thick neck was almost bursting with protruding veins in his rage.”What did you just say?”

“Jamie is out of solitary”

“That’s not what I meant you bastard”

The guard was gloating as he gave the news in more detail. “Last night Rhys was brought in to replace you with the small lad Jamie. Since you were busy in here, we were forced to find someone else. The boss was happy to go with Mr High and Mighty”

“How could he replace me? What the fuck did he need that bastard for!”

“Well, Rhys replaced you in fucking Jamie for the night…”

“Why didn’t the ward’ just save him for me, he knows Jamie’s mine…” Ace growled.

“The warden needed Jamie sorted out once and for all man. You know how he can get when he’s mad and Jamie got him real mad that day, twice for that matter. Calm down Ace, you lost out plain and simple” The guard known as Squeak muttered “If you hadn’t been fighting as usual you woulda had your chance at him. It would’ve been perfect for you man. Too bad. Maybe next time”
“Are you fucking kidding me?”
Squeak was a bit scared of Ace to be honest but was always able to hold his ground when he was not the only guard around. The infirmary was full of them with two at Ace’s room door so he knew he was safe enough.
Even Ace was reminded of this when the two huge guards came in menacingly. He settled back in bed, flinging the tray of food on his bedside table to the floor, still in a rage for the simple reason that he knew the two men were his match, maybe even more so if they had specialist training which some of the guards did.
He was a big man, a bit shorter than Rhys by just two inches but as broad as a weight lifter. This made him even more menacing added to the fact that he had tattoos over his entire torso of dark vicious looking creatures. His face always seemed to be angry and the dark tattoo covering the left side of his face did not help matters. He bared his teeth so many times in his frequent rages that people began to suspect he thought he was a lion or something.
The only thing even remotely appealing on that face was not his in the real sense. It was his teeth, flashing bright white pearly whites that he boasted he had got off a dentist who owed him money. He was in prison for manslaughter, attempted murder and rape so his character as a whole was not surprising to anyone.
From time immemorial he had always had his pick of the newbies; always cornered them anywhere he liked and messed them up pretty bad. The warden was in his payroll to a certain extent (even though the warden still did what he liked most of the time) so he tended to get away with a lot. The warden didn’t give a shit what he did to the fellow inmates as long as it did not come back to him. He didn’t give a shit about the inmates full stop.
“So did he? Did Rhys fuck him?”
Squeak laughed, irritatingly. “Oh he fucked him alright, fucked him good. Had the little shit screaming the place down and not in pain too. Good Lord. The volume couldn’t go low enough to drown those moans. Men, it was something. The boss was so pissed that they enjoyed it so much he almost broke the damn TV. He doesn’t even want to hear their names now. Guess it didn’t work out as he had planned or something. I know I was shocked. You should have seen them at it man, it was like they had been doing it all their lives. It was good viewing I tell you and I’m straight so that’s saying something”
If Ace had not been so outraged, he would’ve said it served the warden right for overlooking him and giving Rhys his place. But all he could think of was that Rhys had taken what was his. What the fuck???
“That rat was mine to break in! This is fucked up; I’m going to have to kill someone!” His eyes gleamed evilly, glazing over. Squeak decided it was time to go. He took his leave walking backwards. He did not trust this man as far as he could throw him and he wasn’t about to take any chances. Ace looked like a madman, God help that Jamie boy when Ace got a hold of him.
For some warped reason, the fact that Jamie had eluded him for this long made him even more desirable to Ace. Now that Rhys had had him, he wanted him even more. That pretty little sucker was his.
He needed to speak to the warden.

Stuck in their cells, the two men who had just shared an unexpectedly magical night together were left with their thoughts.
Jamie had told his friends cellmate Roger and neighbours Old Cole, Lazlo and Simon about it as sparingly as possible; he however did not mention that they had made love of their own accord all through the rest of the night.
That he kept to himself.
So did Rhys.
Not that he had anyone to tell at the moment for he had a cell all to himself. Not a lot of people knew that. Money talks afterall.
 As far as he was concerned what happened that night was between him and Jamie and was no one else’s business.
His messages had been delivered in good time and the orders had arrived through the underground network as expected. It was such a wonder what money could do in these parts, everything worked in your favour once you had some to throw around. And he had a lot.
He was a millionaire many times over, starting when he hit the big time as a model and designer Rio Jacque’s muse at sixteen; then a software breakthrough when he was twenty three and a lucky stint into acting when he was 25 which had blown wider than he had ever thought possible. Now he was into producing movies and going strong with his trusty software engineering. The acting was on hold for now, it had never really been his thing anyway.
A bad day at work had led him here, that along with too much alcohol and a fast car. It was stupid really. He knew he should have used his chauffeur that night but he had not been thinking straight. The director had messed up the budget for his sci-fi flick and they were out of time as a result. He laughed at himself now when he remembered it, to think that the loss of a few million had caused him to get a criminal record and waste some years of his life in this place. It had taught him something though, money meant nothing and he would never let it rule his life again.
At least he hadn’t killed the young lady he had hit, thank God. That would have been the worst thing to have on his conscience. He could live with a criminal record, that he could do, but not with having killed someone. He had hurt her really bad though but thankfully she had now made a full recovery.
He had not touched a drink since.
Now he just took things easy. His lawyer and staff visited every other day, for life and work continued as normal and in his business there was always something or the other that needed his attention.
Rhys had no one special in his life, had not had one in a long time; which was just as well with the Jamie issue as he did not have to make any confessions to anyone or feel guiltier than he already did.
After putting the packages away, he lay on his bunk, trying to read a magazine so he would not think about Jamie but he was unable to. It was strange how one single night could change his conception of his entire life. He was beginning to question himself, every male friend he had ever had. Had there been something there that he had not realised? Surely he would have known?
He knew he had liked Jamie when he first saw him, but he never identified it as anything other than friendship. But now, after last night, he was at a loss.
He was not gay!
He had nothing against gay people, but he had never seen himself as one. Hell, he had had his share of women and he knew for a fact that he loved sex with them. But with Jamie, that sex…was something else. He had never lost control of himself like that before, it was incredible, like he could have gone on forever.
He had scrutinized himself so much already, trying to see if there was an attraction to men that he had missed all these years. Hard as he tried, he felt no different. There were no stirrings whatsoever.
Except with Jamie.
He got a hard on just thinking about him, how Jamie made him laugh, how he responded to his touch, how he screamed in pleasure, how ecstatic it was to be inside him, sliding out and back into that tightness, how his small legs had gripped his waist, how choked his voice went when he was about to come. And that mouth, that delicious mouth.
And his eyes. God he could go on forever...
He had never thought sex with a man could be so beautiful. He had never thought he would ache for a man this way. It was like he was on a drug. He had never thought of a man as beautiful until he met Jamie. He had never met anyone like him. He made him feel strange inside, different but really really good.
All he could think about was that he wanted to lose control more, like the way he had with the tiny beauty. He wanted Jamie.
He didn’t know how or why but he wanted Jamie.
He could just imagine having the little man in his house, sleeping hidden in the sheets of his massive custom made bed. So tiny and perfect in the giant bed. The sight of it.
He closed his eyes with a sigh. He really needed to stop this. He was simply not gay; he had just been in here too long. Just like he had told Jamie that night; the longer you are in here, the harder it gets.
Yeah, that was it.
He wondered how Jamie was doing.


The little man on the other hand was in a daze. Thankful for the bunk arrangement so Roger lying above him could not see him, he curled up in his bunk and tried not to think. Roger was talking to him and he kept making appropriate sounds in reply so he would think he was paying attention.
He was grateful for the confusion today for he had been dreading having to face Rhys again, feeling like he did. What if Rhys thought he was a freak for screaming like a woman?
He was not.
He could not believe how last night had gone. The last thing that he had expected was the enjoyment of it all. He had felt like he was in heaven. Nothing in his entire life had been like that, nothing had prepared him for that, each time he closed his eyes he could see Rhys over him, feel his large arms holding him tight, feel the maddeningly heady moistness of Rhys’ mouth, feel the heat of Rhys’ stare as he fucked him, feel Rhys’ thick cock inside him, long and deep and hot, feel that fire burning through his whole body.
He felt so ashamed that he ached for that man to touch him still, to be inside him like that. How could he have enjoyed it so much, how could he have begged for more like a wanton? He was a man, wasn’t he? So why did he feel like he was losing his maleness? Why did he feel like he wanted to let go and give it all to Rhys? Wasn’t it women who gave themselves to men?
Even now he was sore as hell but deep down he knew he wanted more. More of the man that caused that soreness. Even just sleeping in his arms had felt so good. Too good.
He was not meant to enjoy it, any of it. It should all have been lacklustre, to be forgotten. It was meant to replace the pain and terror that Ace would’ve caused him. He had been grateful that it had not been Ace but now he was beginning to wonder if the agony Ace would’ve caused him would have not been better than this desperate confusion. At least he would have been in hospital by now secure in the knowledge that he wanted no man to come near him ever again, not feeling like he was a wanton.
A shiver of fear and disgust went through him and he curled up tighter in his bed. Who was he kidding?
He would have died if Ace had so much as touched him. There was no way he would have gotten back from that. Rhys was nothing like him. He closed his eyes and subconsciously his body relaxed.
Rhys was…joy.
He stayed that way for a while remembering it all. It was shortlived though for tears soon stung his eyes as shame returned. Oh God, he thought painfully, he was truly going out of his mind. It should not be affecting him this way. He was grateful for the disruption keeping them indoors today, it was like an answer to he prayer he didn’t know he wanted to pray.
Screaming like a woman? Who did that?
Nothing had prepared him for what that man did to him all through that night. Nothing in his experience compared to it. It was like he had been excluded from this wonder all his life and was just getting a look in.
He had loved every minute. He wanted more.
He hated himself for it.
This should not be happening to him, he should not even be in this damned prison. He was simply meant to be awaiting his appeal in an open prison, one where he would not be threatened. Some bad stroke of luck once again had put him in the wrong place at the wrong time when there were no spaces in any of the open prisons in the country. He had been told then that it was temporary but now it seemed like they had all but forgotten him in here, saying that the open prisons were still full.
He had thought his world had ended when he was arrested for fraudulently embezzling money from his firm’s accounts. Apparently there was an offshore account in his name. In his name? Imagine that? He that never had anything to do with the company’s accounts, he was simply one of the PR people in the firm, why would anyone want to frame him? How could he possibly have taken 5 million pounds? He had no idea the firm had that kind of money in the first place much less him having the access to be able to steal it.
He had thought no one would believe the incredible story but like the police and the judge, Carrie his girlfriend had. No support there, she had systematically dropped him like he was hot from the moment she heard about it. Without an explanation, just like that. Cleared out his apartment too on his arrest from what he heard.
It was not like he loved her or anything, he just thought she had more respect for him, for their relationship. It was clear she had just been waiting for a reason to leave. That would teach him to carry on a relationship with someone he did not love and who did not love him for the best of two years. Such a waste that was.
Now his appeal was taking forever, it seemed whomever it was that actually took the money was moving it around, so it was obviously not him seeing that he was stuck in jail and all. Not that the judge gave a shit. They needed proof. He knew his lawyer was working his ass off with the investigation, he just had to wait. He had no choice anyway; anything was better than serving five years for something he didn’t do.
A colleague had framed him, his girlfriend had dumped him, he was imprisoned, put in the wrong jail and now this. Like he did not have enough problems to deal with. He needed to be getting his life back together, not have it fall apart even more. This could not be happening.
What had Rhys done to him to make him like their lovemaking so much?
Jamie cringed as the thought flashed through his mind.
Had he marked him? No that was silly, it was not like he hadn’t been there all through. Well he had been practically out of his mind so who knew what had happened. Drugs? That was silly and impossible. He was going crazy; no way Rhys didn’t do something to his mind. Or his body. Something.
He pulled up his jumper and was searching his torso and arms for scars, needle marks, anything when Roger leaned over and looked down at him, shaking his head in amusement. “You didn’t hear a word I just said did you?”
Jamie looked up in embarrassment, pulling down his jumper and trying to smile.
Thankfully the food trolley came through just then so Roger’s mind was diverted from asking Jamie what was worrying him. Roger was a food person. Much to Jamie’s relief.


The next day, the news was still going round endlessly. It was frustrating. There was word that Ace was out of the infirmary so there was soon to be drama.
Rhys just hoped Jamie was not bugged out about all the teasing and hooting, he certainly looked like it, always leaving an area if he came there and not talking to him. Not even a hello. He wouldn’t even look up.
Rhys picked up the things he ordered for Jamie from his cell after lunch and this time deliberately sought Jamie out. He was sitting with his usual crowd and watching the basketball game. His heart lifted as he watched the small beautiful man. Jamie was so expressive, his silver eyes lighting up with every good throw made by the team he supported. He looked so adorable when he put his small hands around his mouth to hoot.
He tore his eyes away and took a deep breath to calm himself, laughing internally at himself because this was something he never did with women. He had never needed courage of any sort. Now he did.
He walked up to where Jamie was seated with his friends and said hello to all of them and from the expressions on all their faces, not as subtle as they thought; he knew they all knew about the solitary. He also noticed that Jamie seemed to shrink into himself as he had approached. Probably wanted to disappear right now. Probably embarrassed out of his skin.
To give him time to compose himself, Rhys stood to the side to chat with Old Cole for a minute and just as he thought, Jamie tried to sneak away.
“Hey Jamie. I need to talk to you for a minute okay. Could you wait a bit?”
“Okay” Jamie muttered red as a beetroot. He sat back beside Roger who nudged him playfully about to start teasing him. “Don’t even start Roger”
He waited till Rhys was engrossed in conversation then stood up, ignoring Roger’s smirk. He came down past the podium as quietly as he could, shaking hands tucked in his pockets to hide his nervousness. It took all of Roger’s strength to keep from laughing out loud as the small man rushed away.
Rhys finished up his business with Old Cole who just couldn’t resist. ”You took care of my boy that night I see”
Rhys laughed at this. “I did my best…”
“Oh you did your best alright, that and much more. Did you see how hard he was blushing a second ago. You did see that didn’t you?”
“Come on Cole, you know that’s just embarrassment. With everyone talking about it what do you expect” He went a bit pink himself but Old Cole said nothing.
Old Cole thought about this for a while, smiling to himself. “I guess you may be right…”
Rhys patted his back, signalling he was off. “Just don’t tease him too much about it okay, it’s hard enough for him as it is. I’ll see you later”
“Don’t worry; we’ll take care of him. You know that”
Rhys turned and looked up to where Jamie was sitting. He raised his eyebrows as he realised Jamie was nowhere in sight. Roger shrugged apologetically and Rhys turned round just in time to see Jamie heading briskly across the field.
He went after him in amusement. He could walk without making a sound and most people did not realise that, Jamie included. Which was why he was shocked out of his skin to see Rhys watching him leaning breathlessly against the wall that framed the field on the way to carpentry. He practically jumped out of his skin.
“Jesus!” Jamie yelped in fright. “Rhys!”
Rhys laughed softly, tilting his head a little. “Did I scare you Tiny?”
“You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. You nearly gave me a heart attack!”
“I apologise” Handsome bastard, deep rumbling voice dripping with sarcasm and smiling one sided. So damned handsome. So cute. “But you shouldn’t run off when someone asks to speak to you…”
“For your information I didn’t run off. And I don’t have to do anything because ‘someone’ asks me to” Jamie spat as venomously as he could manage and looked away.
Rhys was not cute. Not to him anyway.
“Ahhh. So what did you do out there then? Tell me to meet you here for some necking?” That cute one-sided smile again.
Jamie spluttered at his shocking words and went red in the face. He was about to protest that he had no such intention when Rhys threw his head back and laughed.
“I don’t see how that is funny Rhys”
More laughter, rumbling and infectious laughter. Jamie had to fight the twitches that threatened to escape his lips. “You ran away Jamie”
“I did no…you can think whatever you like”
The laughter was suddenly gone and Rhys went all serious.
“You didn’t need to run from me tiny” his voice had now changed, becoming impossibly deeper, huskier, sending immediate tingles down Jamie’s spine. “I said I wasn’t running…” Jamie found his heart was beating faster.
“I know you said that, you told me already remember? I’m sure I heard you the first time”
Jamie hated this tone of voice, it was doing things to him, things he did not want. At least he didn’t think he did.
“We need to talk…” Rhys stepped closer. Jamie stepped way back, breathless for some reason.
“You stay away…I’ve got nothing to say to you. Just leave me alone” his voice was shaking and he hated it. He felt so weak already and Rhys had not even touched him. What was wrong with him?”
“We should talk about that night tiny…”
“Don’t call me tiny!” Jamie managed to look up for a second in his anger, silver eyes flashing.
“Why not?”
Jamie is surprised at this question and had no idea what to say. “Because…” he mumbles, Rhys raising his eyebrows as he waits. “Just because…” He fought the urge to cover his burning face as he blushed madly. God what was with the blushing?
“Just because? That’s not good enough. Now I really like calling you that because you are so much smaller than I am and so…And since you have no reason for me to stop then I shall keep calling you that till you have one. Or maybe you do like it when I call you that but you don’t want to admit that you do…”
He had almost told Jamie he thought he was beautiful. This control thing was fast eluding him it seemed. Why did he want this little creature so much? What was it about him that all the women in his life didn’t have?
“Don’t flatter yourself!”
Rhys said nothing, just stared into those beautiful eyes. Jamie gulped and looked away for he could clearly see Rhys’ desire as he stared at him, raw and blatant. His body tingled more.
Oh God.
“How you feeling?” Rhys finally spoke through the heated tension. His voice sounded so good. This huge man was like a minefield to his system.
“I’m fine” Jamie answered abruptly, blushing again for he knew what Rhys was asking.
“I really don’t want to talk about that night…”
“Fine. Let’s walk then”
Rhys didn’t reply but walked past him. For some reason, Jamie found himself following him despite internally cursing himself for doing so. They kept walking, past the main carpentry building itself to an open but quiet shaded area where the carpentry was done before the main one was erected a few years back. It was empty most of the time now as it was used for storage.
It was also very private. Jamie’s heart began to pound in his chest so damned fast he thought he would faint.
“What are we doing here?” Jamie’s voice was shaking, “Rhys, I…”
“Calm down. I’m not going to pounce on you. I’ve got you something that you need to use”
Jamie frowned but relaxed a little and followed him. When they got to the old carpentry building Rhys sat down astride a bench and indicated that Jamie do the same. He cursed himself for forgetting as Jamie gingerly sat down sideways but said nothing. The smaller man was embarrassed enough as it was.
He also looked so incredibly kissable at this very moment.
Rhys shook his head a bit and pulled out a small package from his pocket. He watched the small man for a minute; his head was lowered and he was looking at his slowly shuffling feet.
“You’re kinda different you know. Quieter maybe…not as much cheekiness…”
Jamie looked up and blinked, still not facing Rhys though. “Yeah,” he said in resignation, “It’ll do that to you”
“What will do that to you?” Rhys perked up, hoping to lighten the air and chat a bit.
“Rhys I already said…”
“Okay, so first you wouldn’t have sex with me now you wouldn’t even talk to me. Is this becoming a habit? Are you going to refuse me everything I ask you for then?”
“You know that is not even funny” Jamie said quietly, “At all” Rhys thought he saw a hint of a smile on Jamie’s face but he wasn’t sure as Jamie wouldn’t look at him. Shy beauty. “Not on any level. Rhys, I really haven’t got the strength for this right now”
“I didn’t hurt you…you know…that night did I?” No answer came from the small form, no movement to acknowledge he had asked a question, “Tiny, answer me, come on. Tell me that at least…”
Jamie buried his head in his hands and ran his hands through his hair erratically, effectively messing it up in his nervousness. “You know very well that you didn’t hurt me so why are you bringing it up? Do you just want to rub it in? To gloat right, is that it? You want to have a laugh at my expense!”
Rhys is shocked at where his simple question had been taken. “What are you talking about…having a laugh? Why would you think I would gloat? Come on tiny, relax” he said, reaching out to touch Jamie arm to calm him. “It was an honest question, I tried to be gentle but I know I’m big – “
“Don’t fucking touch me!” Jamie gasped, jumping away. He closed his eyes tightly and breathed hard. He didn’t understand himself anymore.
Rhys is stunned at this and immediately jerked his hand back. They sat like that for a while, both trying to calm down, hearts pounding painfully at the unexpected outburst. Jamie did not know what came over him just then, he just knew being so close to Rhys so soon was a bit too overwhelming for him.
He could feel Rhys’ eyes on him and that did not help his heart rate in the least. He was acting so childishly, he knew that much. Rhys did not need to be gentle with him that night but he had and here he was acting like an idiot. An ungrateful idiot for that matter. Even if being in his presence affected him so much, he could at least be civil.
“I’m s…sorry Rhys. I don’t know what came over me” he whispered, “I didn’t mean to yell like that. I’m just not ready to go over that…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence much less look up.
Rhys said nothing, a bit at a loss himself. It was not like he did this all the time. Hell he had never even done this before in all the time he had been in prison. He was just trying to make sense of it all himself. It was no wonder it was so difficult for Jamie, at least he had had a bit of control that night, hadn’t he? Jamie on the other hand had been forced to submit to him. And however much pleasure he might have given him that night, he had to remember that the small man had not wanted it.
God it hurt just to think about that.
He handed the package to Jamie quietly. Jamie looked at it quizzically for a bit as if trying to decipher what was in it without opening it up. He gave up after a minute and tore open the wrapping; he looked at the contents and was unable to decipher what they were or what they were to be used for.
“I’m sorry I don’t know what this is”
“You need it to clean yourself”
“What do you mean, clean myself? Clean myself of what? I don’t understand” A very big frown creased Jamie’s forehead.
“Of my come that may still be left inside you…” It was the best he could do since he hadn’t used protection. Not that he had a choice at the time.
“Oh…”Jamie was speechless for once, all red again. He stared down at the strange items with no idea what to do with them. There were no directions for that had been confiscated for some reason on its journey into the prison. Rhys moved slowly, sliding over till he was by his side and began to explain how he was to use them. They both blushed at the sight of the miniature tube obviously of lubricant but Rhys said it was to be used if the cleaning was uncomfortable.
“I planned to give it to you yesterday but with the lockdown all day long there was no way that could happen, especially as I wanted to hand it to you myself. I didn’t want anyone else to do it, being this private and all. We have enough talk as it is. Make sure you use it today alright. And very little water. Okay?”
Jamie nodded shyly and they packed the pieces back into the packet, their fingers brushing. Jamie caught his breath at the minimal contact and Rhys was suddenly filled with that overwhelming need to kiss him so bad that he snatched his hand away like he had been scorched. Jamie stood up awkwardly and squeezed the package into his pocket. He still wouldn’t look at Rhys.
There was so much tension in the air it crackled.
As Rhys stood up, he noticed the tube was still on the bench and so he picked it up stepping in Jamie’s way with ease. Jamie stiffened at this but relaxed when Rhys held up the tube. It was short lived though because Rhys bypassed his out held hand and slid the tube deep into Jamie’s pocket. The trousers he had on seemed about two sizes too large or more. Obviously the prison didn’t have any in his small size or something. They effectively hid the beautiful lean hips Rhys knew so well.
God, they were practically begging to be ripped off.
Subconsciously, his large hand flattened against Jamie’s thigh just by his groin once it entered the pocket. Jamie gasped but found he could not pull away, Rhys’ warm hand felt so good. He hated himself so.
No words, no sound could be heard in the air around, just each other.
Rhys’ other hand slipped into the other pocket and mimicked his other hand. Small hands came up to Rhys’ chest and squeezed the sweatshirt tight. Relief surged through Jamie when the torturous hands slid out of his pockets and this caused him to loosen his grip on Rhys’ sweatshirt, spreading his fingers over the heaving chest and unknowingly sending a shiver through it.
The large hands reacted immediately to this stimulation, long fingers sliding back down but towards the small back instead and down into his waistband. Jamie’s shocked face fell into Rhys’ chest as he tried not to cry out. He groaned into that chest as Rhys’ fingers started kneading his buttocks slowly and knowingly, squeezing the taut cheeks together, making Jamie remember, long and ache for Rhys to be within his flesh again.
He hissed through his teeth in an effort to control the sounds that he was afraid he was making. Jamie began to grind into Rhys, subconsciously enjoying the heated erection searing high up on his belly. Rhys pressed him harder against him, his fierce kneading lifting the small man off his feet so he was balancing partly with his feet on top of Rhys’ and even then on tiptoe.
Jamie practically screamed when two index fingers slid between his cheeks and brushed over his sphincter, bringing back the memory, the hunger of their night of passion to the fore. So much for his control, he ached so bad for Rhys.
He was whimpering helplessly as Rhys lowered himself, his hands going down with him and taking Jamie’s trousers down as well. Jamie shivered as air hit his aching erection that was so hard it strained against his belly, an angry purple. His track downs off, the strong hands returned to position, this time going down from between his thighs and up that way.
“God Rhy…nnghhhh…” A burning tongue lapped at the underside of his throbbing dick, once, twice, curled round the domed head and then swallowed him whole as the fingers kneaded and gripped and hoisted him up. He gasped in shock as his weakening feet left the ground.
Oh dear God.
Rhys was standing up with him like this, deep in his throat, dragging him up against the carpentry shed wall. The excitement increased and bubbled faster through his small body as he was taken higher in the air and he curled over Rhys’ back in ecstasy at the steady deep throating.
He could feel Rhys’ wet throat suctioning around him, his tongue heavy yet light as it teased all around his engorgement sending shocks of blinding pleasure though his system. Every now and then Rhys’ would withdraw, slide down his length to suck on his balls and then engulf him again.
“Ohhh Fuck…God…fuckk…Rhy…please…”
He began begging but he had no idea what for. It was heaven.
Rhys was enjoying himself, basking in the pleasure he was causing this tiny man, he was sure Jamie had no idea he had spread his thighs high and wide open for him such that Rhys’ shoulders slammed against them as he bobbed repeatedly on that hot slick cock. He longed to take him completely and fill him with his seed like he had that first night but this was not the time or place.
Balancing Jamie with one hand cupping his buttocks and his shoulders crushing the small wide flung thighs in place, he began to stroke himself at short intervals as he swirled his tongue and sucked. He was on the edge in no time and wanted Jamie to go over it with him. Grabbing Jamie’s little bum with both hands again, he lifted off the now wet cock with a plop from the tightness of his suction and went lower, lapping furiously at the pulsing rose underneath. Jamie’s eyes rolled back into his head and he bit into Rhys’ back to stop the guttural growls that clambered up his throat.
Jamie was lost even before the tongue drove into him, his body tensed and he tried to warn Rhys that he was about to come. He could not manage it. Rhys knew though for he lifted his head swiftly and swallowed Jamie again just as the first spurt hit. He groaned harshly over Jamie’s cock for he was coming too, the vibrating making Jamie come harder and the pain of his teeth in Rhys’ back doing the same for Rhys.
Rhys slowly lowered them to the floor, keeping Jamie in his arms for the floor was rough and dusty. Jamie instinctively wrapped his arms round the big man’s neck as aftershocks continued to hit him. Rhys kissed him tentatively and then laughed as the small man hungrily returned the kiss.
It felt so nice to hold Jamie like this. It was shocking to him how easily he had come, he usually took forever. The little man made him as horny as a teenage boy. It felt good to hold him and kiss him like this. He wished they had met in better circumstances. Like on the outside. Where he could wine and dine him and do it all the proper way. Whatever that was.
If wishes were horses.
He wasn’t even sure what he was wishing for.
When they were sufficiently calm, more Jamie than Rhys though for his orgasm had been quite long and had weakened him thoroughly, Rhys dragged their discarded clothes and gently helped Jamie up to his feet. There was a tap nearby so Rhys washed them up a bit, Jamie was a bit overwhelmed by what had just happened and Rhys could see that so he said nothing to him. He helped him into his trousers and Jamie allowed himself to be dressed without a word. Rhys showed him the package again and he nodded silently, shyly, managing to go red in the face again.
God, he is so cute, thought Rhys, Totally adorable.
Fighting the urge to kiss him again, Rhys tenderly straightened Jamie’s hair, kissed him on the forehead alone, dusted off the back of his sweatshirt, straightened it and led him back out to the field to let him join his friends again.
They walked back quietly, neither of them saying a word.
But just as they stepped into the field, Rhys pulled him closer and pushed him behind him. Jamie was puzzled at this and was about to make a comment when he heard the dreaded voice. His heart sank to immeasurable depths of despair.
“Mr Rhys…” Ace intoned gratingly, “Playing happy families I see” A look was sent Jamie’s way, the massive man managing to look lecherous and disgusting at the same time. “I hear you spent a night in solitary fucking what’s mine. It looks like you have something that belongs to me…and I want it back”
Jamie felt sick with fear; even the squeeze of Rhys reassuring hand did nothing to quell the trembling. He squeezed back tight as he could, burying his face in the huge man’s back as he tried to steady his breathing.
“Really? I doubt that very much Ace. I couldn’t possibly have anything of yours” Rhys stared right back at him, not bothered in the slightest.
“Oh yeah? That little bitch hiding behind you is mine” Ace growled, baring his teeth.
“There is no bitch behind me and no one in this place belongs to you. Stop kidding yourself.”
They stared at each other for a long time, two huge and powerful menacing men in their prime. Rhys was fully aware of the crowd steadily forming around them, this was the entertainment the fuckers had all been anticipating. With all the excitement buzzing in the air, you would have thought it was a friendly game they were playfully not a life or death situation. The things prison can do to you. He could deal with Ace alright but he just wished Jamie wasn’t here to see or hear all this.
“We have a truce Ace, walk away” Rhys tried to soften his voice so as not to sound threatening. He couldn’t.
“Fuck the truce you leech” Ace spat back, eyes blazing. ”You’ve had your fun with him. Give that little boy to me or else” There was silence all round, it was like everyone and everything hinged on Rhys’ decision.
Jamie felt faint; he couldn’t seem to breathe. It was his worst nightmare that Rhys would let Ace have him. He was going to die.
“Or else what?” Rhys could feel the small man’s trembling increase and fought the urge to turn to him. He wanted to divert minds off Jamie himself for as long as possible.
“Or else the truce is over, right this very minute. And you best believe I will take what’s mine”
“You can end the truce all you want but that’s entirely up to you. Jamie does not belong to you. Get that into your crazy fucked up head. No one belongs to you Ace, you need to get a grip and understand that”
Ace laughed loudly at this, his eyes still wild with anger. “Fine, you had your chance. At least you can’t say I didn’t ask nicely. Remember you asked for this war Rhys. And when I do get my hands on that bitch I’ll mess him up inside and out so bad the guards’ll think he’s a slab of rotten meat and throw him to the dogs”
That did it.
Rhys dropped Jamie’s hand and pushed him back. He stepped forward so slowly no one even realized he was moving right into Ace’s face so their noses were touching and in a split second his large hand was wrapped around Ace’s neck, encompassing it completely. A hush went round the crowd and Ace’s eyes bulged terribly. Rhys spoke very slowly and deliberately, pressing on something that rendered Ace practically useless.
“You say a word to him and I will hurt you. You step in his personal space and I will hurt you.” He bent closer to Ace’s ear and his voice dropped so only Ace could hear him “You fucking lay even a finger on Jamie or as much as touch a hair on his head and I will tear you from limb to limb. You wanna die Ace? Make my day”
With that he let go of Ace’s neck, the bulkier man falling to the floor and holding on to his neck, choking and coughing desperately.
“Fuck you Rhys. This is war” He scrambled up and pushed his way through the crowd.
Rhys waited till Ace was off the field before he turned to face Jamie. He was standing quietly on his own, shaking like a leaf with his head hung down dejectedly. Rhys moved to him and pulled the tiny man’s trembling body to him and unable to hug him properly due to their considerable height difference, lifted him up in his arms bridal style. Jamie wrapped his arms round Rhys’ neck without looking up. The tears had been seeping out quietly all through the altercation but now that it seemed to be over the sobs hit him hard. Rhys pressed the small man’s head into his neck and walked back to the carpentry area.
The crowd had dissipated, obviously not getting as much of the violent drama as they had been looking forward to. 
Rhys sat back on the bench with Jamie, stroking his back soothingly without a word, letting him cry it all out. Jamie clung to him, his sobs hard and painful, his mind filled with this growing agonising fear he was unable to shake off, fear of Ace, of being violated, fear of how messed up his life was becoming.
He could vaguely feel Rhys’ kisses on his forehead, feel Rhys’ warm hand on his back, feel Rhys’ body rocking him, hear Rhys’ soothing whispers It’s going to be alright tiny. I won’t let anyone hurt you. It’s all right. I’m here for you. I’m here.
He cried for a good while and Rhys held him all through. Even after the tears abated, he held on tight, needing the comfort the strong arms provided.
“Rhys…” he whispered with a hiccup.
“I thought…I thought you were going to…”
“Never” Rhys replied softly but firmly, understanding what Jamie meant “I would never give you to him” he bent his head so his cheek brushed Jamie’s nose, “ Know that. Never doubt that. Okay?”
Jamie nodded, his heart racing at the extra closeness. Rhys was affected too, he knew that if he didn’t move off he was going to be kissing Jamie in a second and the small man didn’t need that right now, not after the frightening encounter with Ace. What he needed was to feel safe, not overwhelmed with new emotions all over again. He lifted his head away, taking a hungry breath to steady his voice.
“You’re not even mine to give away anyway. You don’t belong to me or anyone else. I know it’s a horrible situation to find yourself in and I will protect you, I give you my word. But please don’t think that means I expect something from you in return. Okay?”
Jamie nodded. He was so surprised how soothed he felt by those words. He felt like he was melting inside all over again.
Words. Just words they were.
“What happened between us –”
“Rhys please” his small voice was shaky but firm. He still wasn’t ready to rehash what had gone on between them. His mind was too full of it right now, he needed to deal with that first on his own before facing Rhys head on about it all.
“Okay, what about what just happened here earlier”
“No Rhys…” the small head shook from side to side with effort. Rhys gave up.
“Fine, but you know we have to talk about it someday soon” He got a quiet nod, marvelling at Jamie’s shyness of him. He kissed his forehead “Now about being safe. You need to stay with your friends or me at all times. If that’s not possible then we need to at least be in the vicinity of where you are. I’ll get some of my friends to keep an eye out for you but you need to always be alert. You take no chances okay? If you see Ace or any of his goons anywhere near you, you run. Get it?”
They discussed Jamie’s usual daily schedule and agreed on what precautions he was to take each day. No going off on his own. If he had to go off anywhere, he had to tell him or one of his friends where exactly he was going and for how long so that it would be monitored. Rhys was even planning on getting some guards (those on his payroll) in on it to keep watch over him too.
“Guards? Don’t you think that’s a bit too much Rhys? You don’t have to do that!”
“I know that Jamie but I want to. And I know for sure that Ace will have gotten some of his own guards watching you as well so it wouldn’t hurt to match that. Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing to me. As far as I’m concerned it’s better safe than sorry”
Jamie ignored the warm feeling that enveloped him at Rhys’ caring words. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had taken care of him like this. Maybe never, except for his mother of course. It was the strangest feeling. The most beautiful feeling. God help him. It did not even seem to be about the sex now. Could it not get any worse?
When they were done talking, Rhys stood Jamie up gently, amused now at the tiny man’s continuing shyness as he still wouldn’t look up. He straightened Jamie up again, fussing over him like he had done a few hours ago. Oh well, he would let him go at his own pace if that was what he wanted.
Rhys bent over him so he could whisper in his ear ”You know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about right?” he sighed as Jamie stiffened. “Fine, fine, you don’t want to talk about it yet. We’ll go at your own pace yeah. Fine with me”
The game had resumed like nothing had happened, everyone egging their preferred team on. Rhys was thankful for the diversion. He led Jamie back to where his friends had settled and then let go of his small hand earning himself a soft “Thank you” from Jamie before he went up the stairs a little shakily.
He couldn’t believe how good those words made him feel.
The euphoria lasted for days.
Four weeks later
Jamie had fallen ill three weeks after Rhys gave him the package and had been in the infirmary being treated for low blood sugar most likely due to the bad days he had spent in solitary.
In the weeks before that he had avoided Rhys all through. He did as he was instructed to keep himself safe but kept his distance from the huge man all the time. Rhys did not mind this really, it helped sieve through his feelings for the little beauty and decipher what it was that was happening or not happening between them. He told himself it was just sex, nothing more. It just felt deeper because it had been a while for him.
However, when he heard Jamie had fallen ill and had been taken to the infirmary, he knew all his thoughts were just in denial.
He could hardly sleep for days with worrying about him. Getting into the infirmary was impossible and he had tried all he could. With the warden on high alert, everyone was extra wary about granting privileges, money or not. No one wanted an attack or even worse, an escape on their watch.
Rhys managed to keep close tabs on Jamie’s progress and made sure he was protected in there. He somehow got flowers sent to him every day he was there. He didn’t know why he was doing this, he just knew he needed to so badly. That was the only way he could sleep at night, and even then it was difficult.
Going to the dining area, he was amused at himself, at how nervous he felt now that Jamie had been discharged and was going to be back in general population.
He was so happy at the thought that he was going to see Jamie again.
He told himself he just wanted to see that Jamie was okay now nothing more. He chatted with his friends as they got their food and found a table to sit at. Then he looked around for him.
Jamie was sitting about three lines away with his usual crew, Roger, Simon, Lazlo and old Cole, he was bent over his plate eating quietly and only speaking if he was spoken to. He looked much better though, his skin looked bright and his hair was shiny. He looked up from his food and saw Rhys watching him, causing a blush to cover his entire face. Rhys smiled slightly and was about to nod to his empty side for Jamie to come over only for him to lower his eyes in embarrassment.
Rhys sighed to himself. He wanted to tell Jamie a million times that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. It kind of hurt that he still felt ashamed of what had happened.
He had no idea that this behaviour was because of Jamie’s conflicted emotions towards him. It didn’t help that Rhys was always so happy to see him; always trying to get his attention. It felt good all right but he hated that he felt good. He was such a mess.
Jamie composed himself, hoping his face was not flaming and continued to eat. He tried to fight the urge to look at where Rhys was sitting but he couldn’t help himself. He gulped as he saw Rhys was looking at him too, not smiling this time as he nodded to his left side, subtly indicating that he come sit beside him. Those hypnotic green eyes remained on him till he nodded his acquiescence.
He told his friends he needed to go chat with someone and quietly stood up with his tray. His friends said nothing but he knew they were going to tease him later on. To keep his courage he kept his eyes on Rhys as he crossed over, who in turn did the same as if knowing the smaller man needed support. He sat down, keeping a lot of distance between him and Rhys, so much that he was literally hanging off the edge of the bench.
Rhys simply reached out, held him by his left hip and gently pulled him in till he was fully seated on the bench. In all this Rhys kept on with his conversation with his mates and it was like nothing had happened. Jamie was nervous as hell but slowly Rhys’s mates Bo and Callum made him relax, there were no funny looks or comments.
“You okay?” Rhys said, bending by his ear, his voice low and soft. Jamie didn’t like it. It reminded him of that night. “Feeling better now?”
The small cutie smiled awkwardly with his focus still on his food, “Yeah it was just low blood sugar…”
“…No big deal” they said this together for Rhys had expected him to say that. It broke the ice a little and they both laughed. Jamie braved a look up at him, silver eyes shy and hesitant in their stare. They flicked back down in an instant just before they met his, courage lost halfway.
“You look better too. Did you do something to your hair? It’s all bright and shiny now, not like before”
Jamie blushed and ran a hand through his hair. “It just needed a good wash I guess. The infirmary is much nicer than here. And definitely much better food”
He smiled into his food but Rhys saw it as he was watching him intently. The blush remained and deepened, seemingly extending to the tiny man’s neck. Rhys liked that he could still make Jamie blush this way, despite the fact that it had been some time now since they had spoken or been around each other.
He so wanted to run his fingers through that hair.
“I got all your flowers, thanks. They brightened up my room. You didn’t have to…” Jamie’s voice was almost a whisper. Rhys smiled.
“I know I didn’t have to. I wanted to. I’m glad you liked them.”
“How did you manage that anyway? And every day too. Even the nurses were surprised. And a bit too excited”
Rhys chuckled “Let’s just say, there are ways to get things done in here if you really want to. How is the appeal going so far? Has there been any news from outside”
“Really slow, as usual, no great leads as yet. My lawyer says it will take sometime, as the person seems to be really good at evading them so far. I don’t know, nothing may come of it to be honest but I guess no news is better than bad news“ Jamie shook his head as if to shake off the negative thought.
“It’s still good to be hopeful though right?”
“Yeah I guess…it’s just frustrating you know. Having to wait like this, in this damned place like a criminal when…”he stopped as if realising what he was saying. “Sorry, I didn’t mean you Rhys…”
“It’s okay tiny. I’m a criminal, you’re not” Rhys teased.
“I dddddidn’t mean it like that…” Jamie stammered not realising he was being teased. “Really, I just mmmeant that… –“Rhys was suddenly very close to his ear, chuckling.
“I’m teasing Jamie, its fine”
A shudder went through him as Rhys’ warm breath danced on his skin. He wanted to lean into that face so badly right now. Into that magnificent chest. He had missed this man, much as he denied it, his smell was like heaven right now. God, he needed to get away from this man before he lost his mind and made a fool of himself.
“You know my sitting here is going to make people talk…”
“So what? It doesn’t matter tiny. They’ll talk anyway” Rhys looked at Jamie and tried not to show his exasperation at him.
“Still, sitting together is only going to fuel it. This isn’t a good idea, I…”
”Jamie, we can be friends you know…you don’t have to act like I’m some kind of sex crazed monster”
“I never said you were Rhys” He took a deep breath. “So you just want to be friends, nothing more…no more…right?”
For some reason that question pissed Rhys off and he lost his temper “Where did you get the idea that there was something you’ve got that you think I would want other than friendship?”
He knew he had said the wrong thing as soon as it came out and he winced at Jamie’s hurt and confused expression. Before he could stop him, Jamie had grabbed his tray and gone back to his previous table. He would have pulled him back but he couldn’t draw any more attention to themselves.
He was so bad at this.


He sent Jamie a little silver (to match his eyes Rhys said in it) card saying he was sorry for his out burst. He didn’t know that he didn’t need to bother for Jamie had long forgiven him, regretting that he had walked off like that instead of talking about what they were both feeling.
Jamie kept the precious card under his pillow, as he kept every single card that he got from Rhys from then on, finding himself looking forward to the next and what would be in it. They came every week, small cards with notes in them telling Jamie all about himself; his life; his childhood; whatever was happening with him at the time or what was on his mind.
The size of the cards grew as Rhys’ need to express himself increased and he found he had more and more to say. But the colour remained silver. Basically it was Rhys just talking, as he would if they were face to face. Chatting, like friends, howbeit one sided.
Was that what he wanted Rhys to be? His friend?
Was that all he wanted him to be?
Jamie’s pillow steadily bulged as time went on. Not that he cared. He read each one every night before he went to sleep even though he still kept his distance from Rhys during the day. Rhys had found his way into his dreams now and he could not shake him out. He was breaking down, confused about this new feeling of weakness. He was fighting it with all his might but every time he saw Rhys even in passing he crumbled inside and knew he was losing the fight more and more each day.


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