Sunday, 30 August 2015


Hi guys,

I've put up a new story, just to tide you over while I work on the other two.

Its called Fighting the Dream.

Note its not edited or anything, I just wanted to see if you all like it...


  1. I am sorry if i sound bitter but i can't afford to get caught up in yet another one of your stories that will never be finished. I can't believe that after your fans (and yes, we are your fans) have waited soooooo long for you to update the two unfinished stories, you have the nerve to come up with another one. (Finish the two which you have going, for God's Sake!!)
    You are a very talented writer, truss me, i read a lot, but you need to complete the work that you have started. Do not disrespect your fans.
    So no, i will not get hooked on yet another one of your unfinished work.

  2. Aww that's too bad. It's actually a story I wrote a while ago. I decided to put it up because I've been getting a lot of emails and I wanted to give you guys something. I'm afraid (unlike some other writers) I do not write on cue, as much as I would love to. The stories are updated when they come to me. It is clearly stated in my profile, I didn't give that warning for the sake of it. I'm not writing on here with the intent to upset anyone (but for enjoyment!) so please don't carry on if it upsets you.

  3. Hi Ashley

    I get it, you write when it comes to you, otherwise the finished work might not be perfect as we have come to expect. Lol I have some experience with waiting for stories for years (while re-reading previous chapters, even though I know them inside out) cause they are well beyond good. Discovery for me is that.

    Though my expectations are not monthly updates for example, after the latest MLMP my thought was soon we'll get to know about Jamie, cause that was some major cliffhanger.

    I check every few days for latest updates. When I saw 30th of August update, I swear my heart climbed up my throat. And yes, I was quite disappointed. That there's a new story, not how long it has been was disappointing.

    I don't know maybe in a while, I'll give the new story a try. Just now I would not give it a fair chance.

  4. We wait 1 year for the new MLMP! Don't forget it.

    This is a good new story but the waiting was very hard . Thank you very much i like reading your story i cant write very well but i can read on english and i learning english too

  5. Sorry for language mistake i just reading. I can't wait for the next story! :) thanks

  6. I'm happy to see your alive and you've posted a new story! I see where your other commenters are coming from, but I understand writing is not something you can just churn out all the time, so I'm sorry for the hate you're getting. Im still reading some stories I started in middle school (im 22 now). As long as you keep writing, you'll always have people who will keep reading :) hope you post another chapter soon!

  7. Thank you for the update, you do warn us readers that you write when the story comes to you and most of us understand, sorry about those who don't. I'm so glad to have anything new from you and to know that you haven't stopped writing. I will wait as long as it takes for your stories to be finished, I love your writing, you are extremely talented. Once again thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  8. More MLMP please. :'(

  9. Are you still writing?

  10. I have been checking everyday since your last post hoping that I would be nicely surprised. I am getting to a point where I am losing hope, please say something?Anything will be better than the silence.

  11. I agree with Anonymous from 8 October 2016. Please give us something.

  12. Does anyone know if perhaps the writer is deceased or sick and maybe something has befallen them? At least let us know you're alright poshbillionaire.❤

  13. He responded to me 24 Sept. 2018, to an email I sent to him same day.
    I am searching all over this blog trying to find Chapter 7 to MLMP!

    1. Did he say specifically where he posted it? And why isn't he updating this blog to let us know what's going on? Where's the new chapter? Thanks for getting ahold of him! :)

  14. Thank you for contacting them and this update! It’s been 4.5 years since the last chapter. I’d given up hope of ever finding out if Rhys was abke to save Jamie. Hopefully, it’ll be posted soon. I’m curious as to why they “fell off the planet”.


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